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Interested in a free Promo P1 card from DS9 Heroes and Villains and a PT1 from Discovery? ? Send a SASE to: Lynne Stewart
295 Harley Farms Hill Rd
Pittsboro, NC 27312

If International, send a paypal payment to for $2 and I’ll ship it out!

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  1. Lynn, it has been a long time since I bought the list and you sent the thumb drive. I have since really succeeded in completing the STCCG collection. There is always one card… in this case, ‘Agonizing Encounter’ without the DGMA logo below the game text. Otherwise I have them all (including the oversize Decaren 1P) . that’s 6,089 of 6,090 cards!
    Just thought I’d touch base with you and comment on this new site. I now am retired and living in the Philippines.

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