Star Trek Beyond Movie Card Set

 Star Trek Beyond Card Set


Release Date: December 13, 2017
5 Cards Per Pack
24 Packs Per Box
12 Boxes Per Case
Production Run-6,500
Card Images

Set Composition



Base Set-85 Relic Cards-35 1:24
Metal Cards-85  1:24 Patch Cards-9 1:144
Quotable Cards-15  1:18 Autographs-52  1:12
Metal Poster Cards-9  1:144 Anton Memoriam-9 1:288
Nimoy Memoriam-6  1:288 Sketch Cards-30 Not Stated

Base Set

The Star Trek Beyond set released in 2017, a slight delay form the movies release in 2016. As is often the case, getting items form the studio to make the sets spectacular take awhile. As with the 2014 Into Darkness set, this set covers more then just Beyond, featuring autos and relics from all the reboot Movies.  The base set, however,  is a synopsis of the Beyond Movie aloe and is a glossy, with a  UV coating.


  • The base set is repeated in a 85 card parallel metal set, limited to x/100.
  • The 15 Quotable card set is a border-less (full bleed) set with front and back images along with a quote.
  • The 9 Movie Poster cards are brightly colored metal cards featuring images form the ST Beyond Movie Ad Materials.
  • The 9 Patch cards contain an ‘authentic replica patch’ produced from patches used in Beyond and Into Darkness.
  • The Anton Yelchin 9-card memoriam set is done up like the Nimoy set released  with the 50th Anniversary set. The cards are gold foiled and are hand numbered x/100.
  • A 6-card Nimoy memoriam set features Spock from the first two Movies. They are hand numbered x.125.
  • Sketch cards from 30 different artists are seeded at about 1 per case. (no odds stated on website)
  • There are 52 autograph cards and come in several formats:
    • Autograph Relic Cards-4. There is some inconsistency in the backs, likely as they were done at different times. For example, a few have an image of the costume on the back.
    • Classic Movie cards-17 similar to earlier releases with the purple border
    • Star Trek Movies Autograph Style-large image with bottom portion white.

Several actors can be found in multiple formats and different characters from the 3 movies. 

  • There are 35 relic cards and they also come in various formats:
    • 10 Pin cards-metal pin cards inserted into a slightly thick card with a color image of the character wearing the pin on the back. A few cards feature characters with the same pin on the front of the card, but differing images on the back.
    • 2 Beyond Relic cards-containing authentic material used in the filming of Beyond.
    • 5 Dual Character Cards-containing authentic wardrobe material worn by two actors.
    • 5 Expansion Relic cards-containing authentic material used in the filming of the 2009 movie and Into Darkness.
    • 8 Single Relic cards- containing authentic wardrobe material worn by one actor.
    • 4 Dual Relic cards-containing two authentic wardrobe materials worn by one actor.

Relic Card Variants

**Work in Progress**

  • SR2-5 have a braided and non-braid variation
  • SR7 has a stripe variation
  • SR8 has a diamond pattern and a velvet (softer) no pattern version
  • 6-case Zoe Saldana has a stripe version
  • RC16 has a yellow and a braided version



Promo Cards

  • P1 General Distribution
  • P2-NSU Volume 28, No. 5 Oct/Nov issue
  • P3 Album Exclusive

Misc Items

  • Binder with P3 promo card
  • MP11 Movie Poster Clear Cel Card. Originally this card has been intended for release with the  TOS 40th Anniversary set, but was changed at the last minute.
  • The 6-Case Incentive is an Autograph Relic card of Zoe Saldana
  • The 9-case incentive is an Autograph Relic card of Chris Pine.
  • Sealed Marked Archive box. It contains the Quotable set, the Women in Command set. It has the case toppers and 6-case incentive card.  It has an exclusive WCC11 alternate swatch T’Pol costume card, a Teri Garr autograph, and a WCC27 7 of 9 costume card. Like the WCC16 card, the T’Pol and 7 of 9 cards were originally planned for the 2010 set but was held back and they didn’t have many. There is a set of 4 printing plates used to make one of the base sets, which are exclusive to the archive box. Lastly, it included a set of the promo cards.
  • Archive Box-15 Star Trek Beyond quotable cards, 9 Star Trek Beyond metal poster cards, 9 Star Trek movies patch cards, 20 Star Trek movies Relic cards, 51 Star Trek movies autograph cards, 3 Star Trek Beyond promotional cards, 1 Star Trek movie poster case card 1 9-case incentive Chris Pine autographed relic card, 1 exclusive Justin Lin autographed card, 1 exclusive 7-piece Bridge crew relic card, 1 exclusive Chekov command Bridge pin variation card, 1 exclusive set of four printing plate cards. There is no base set, no base parallel metal cards, no Star Trek Beyond uniform pin cards, no 6-case incentive Zoe Saldana autograph Relic card, no in memoriam cards, no sketch cards.