Decipher First Edition Cards

Premiere Edition

Release Date

  • Black Border:  11/94
  • Alpha White Border: 12/94
  • Beta Black Border: 1995

Card Images

Packs per Booster: 36                   Cards per Pack: 15
Decks per Starter: 12                   Cards per Starter: 60

The first few sets released by Decipher are a variation of the same cards with a few differences:

  • Premiere Edition-Black Bordered set with a 1994 copyright.
  • Limited Alpha Set-This is the version of the Premiere Edition CCG set with a 1994 copyright date. It is white bordered.
  • Unlimited Beta Set-This is the version of the Premiere Edition CCG set with a 1995 copyright date. It is white bordered.
  • Silver Bordered Tin Set- a limited edition tin that contains all 363 cards from the Premiere Edition set but have a silver border and is limited to 30,000 tins, with a U.S. distribution of only 20,000 tins. Released in November 1995.

The Premiere Edition set was released in 1994. It was a limited edition black bordered card set of 363 cards. There are 121 common cards, 121 uncommon and 121 rare cards.The Starter Deck has 45 Commons, 13 Uncommons and 2 Rares. Each Expansion Pack has 11 Common, 3 Uncommon and 1 Rare. The size of the set, and the fact one had to get 121 rares (one per pack and two per deck), made it a tough set to collect. Though this product was considered a limited release with initially high prices, the prices came down quite a bit as supply exceeded demand. Some starter decks had interesting combinations in the two rares that were together, like the two Klingon sisters together in one deck and a Riker and a Troi together on another deck (which just adds to the fun, whether intentional or not). One thing that WAS intentional was something called Easter Eggs, hidden surprises in the images for the eagle eyed collector.
A gift boxed set was produced with the BB. There were only 250 copies of this set and is therefore very rare. Box contains: Size 9x7x13 cm (H x W x D) 363 Black bordered Limited Premium Edition Card1 Rule book (Identical to the ones included in the starter decks)1 Card (double a card size) with the following text: “This complete set of 363 limited edition cards from Star Trek: The Next Generation Customizable Card Game is one of 250 sets manufactured as gifts for supporters and fans. Please accept this gift with our sincere appreciation for your encouragement, friendship and assistance.”

Shortly after the release of the limited edition, in 1994, a White border alpha edition was released. This set was exactly like the BB set, except for the color of the border. All the statistics and print runs are exactly the same, so in effect, the 1994 alpha set is as rare as the BB set. The intention had been to release both a limited, Black Border set, followed by an unlimited White Border Set, but after this release, they never did any more WB sets, except for Preview/Promo cards. They felt the interest from collectors and gamers wasn’t there to support it. Decipher’s website sells WB uncut sheets are available.

In 1995, a BETA version was released. This allowed Decipher to fix some errors in the text that were on 17 cards.They also changed the copyright date on all the cards. The plan is to reprint the beta cards as many times as was needed to continue to offer the product to collectors.

Adjusted cards:

  • LWAXANNA TROI, WIND DANCER & THE JUGGLER … corrected misspelling of “Lwaxanna” to “Lwaxana”
  • GIUSTI… corrected misspelling of “consol” to “console”
  • DISTORTION FIELD… changed “prevents any beam down here” to “…prevents beam down/up here…”
  • MENDON… added “s” to specialist
  • INVESTIGATE TIME CONTINUUM… corrected misspelling of “Dividia” to “Devidia”
  • TSIOLKOVSKY INFECTION… added “(Not cumulative.)”
  • ARMUS – SKIN OF EVIL… changed lore from “Malevolent being formed when the inhabitants of Vagra II rid themselves of all the evil they have inside.” to “A malevolent being was formed when the inhabitants of Vagra II rid themselves of all the evil they had inside.”
  • TORAL… changed “…bidding of half sisters, Lursa and B’Etor.” to “…bidding of Duras’s sisters, Lursa and B’Etor.”
  • EVACUATION MISSION… changed “Strength” to “STRENGTH”
  • WESLEY CRUSHER… removed apostrophe from “protege” to match style on Ro Laren and Tog personnel cards
  • U.S.S. OBERTH… shifted staff icon to center of art block.
    T’PAN… added mindmeld skill
  • KHITOMER RESEARCH… changed to both a Romulan and Klingon mission
  • EMERGENCY TRANSPORTER ARMBANDS… changed “Beam Personnel up or down at any time, even during a battle before the winner is determined.” to “Beam your Personnel up or down at any time, except during a dilemma (unless specifically permitted). May be used during battle before the winner is determined.”
  • FIRESTORM… changed “… unless thermal deflectors present. Discard dilemma.” to “…unless thermal deflectors present OR Away Team escapes using emergency transporter armbands. Discard dilemma.

Alternate Universe

Release Date :11/1995
Cards in the Set: 122
Cards per Pack: 15
Packs per Box: 36
Card Images

The first expansion set released by Decipher was the Alternate Universe, with a theme of alternate time lines and universes. This allowed the use of characters and themes from episodes such as All Good Things and Yesterday’s Enterprise. It was released only as an booster/expansion pack. This card set had what is called an ultrarare card; The Future Enterprise!! This card was found in every 122 packs and is three times as rare as any one rare. The Ophidian Cane is printed on the uncommon sheet and appears in an uncommon slot of the pack, but it as rare as any other rare and any pack with the Ophidian Cane actually has two rares.

There were 42,335 of the ultra-rare card printed. Print run for Alternate Universe is 142,294 boxes


Release Date: 10/1996
Cards in the Set: 121
Cards per Pack: 15
Packs per Box: 36
Card Images

This 121 Black-border expansion set centers around Q and the Continuum. It allows for some fun Q type antics (Crusher as an Irish Setter) and game play that included the first use of “Station” cards.
There are two versions of the Amanda’s Parents card:

  • Version A – Opponents may place that Amanda Rogers…
  • Version B – Opponents may take that Amanda Rogers…

First Contact CCG

Release Date : 12/1997
Cards in the Set : 130
Cards per Pack: 9
Packs per Box: 36
Card Images

This Black-bordered set is based on the movie First Contact and brings in a new villain…the Borg. The First Contact set also offered a chance to collect the main bridge crew again. The Box size changed to 30 packs rather than 36 and cards per pack changed to 9. (1R 3U and 5C). It also introduced the Objective-type card.