Star Trek Topps 1979 Movie International card sets

Star Trek Topps International 1979 card sets

Release Date: 1979
Box-42 packs

Card Images

UK Trebor card set

Trebor, based in Ireland, distributed a UK Topps 79 set. The set consisted of 88 cards and no stickers. A few of the cards are different from the US set.  The backs are similar to US with text and puzzles. The card stock is lighter than the US set and the images are brighter. The main difference between the US and UK wrappers is along right side. The US one has address and ingredient listings. Trebor says, “Collect all 88 brand new movie cards in this series”. The top of Trebor wrapper has black text “manufactured in Republic of Ireland by Topps. Distributed in UK and Ireland by Trebor Ltd”

  •  The UK set’s #1 is the USA’s card #78
  • Card #4 is titled “the Fate of the Klingons” and shows a head on view of the BOP
  • Card #11 entitled “Mr. Spock” and is a close up of Spock, instead of “Captain Kirk’s mission”
  • Card #46 has an orange hue to the probe, while the US set has a blue hue
    Card 52 was “Terror in the Transporter” in the US and “Vulcan Spaceship” in the UK.
    Card #55 is a close up of Bones called “A Pensive McCoy” rather than “Zero Gravity Adventure”
  • Card #76 is called “Speeding at warp 7” rather than “Landscapes on Vulcanî”
  • Card 78 is titled “Klingon warship front view” instead of “Final Frontiersmen”




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