Women of Star Trek 50th Anniversary

 Women of Star Trek 50th Anniversary Card Set

P1 Promo Card
P1 Promo Card

Release Date: July 26, 2017
5 Cards Per Pack
24 Packs Per Box
12 Boxes Per Case
Production Run-6,500
Card Images

Set Composition


Base Set-100 Women in Command-9 1:24
Metal Cards-100  1:24 Quotable Women-18 1:24
Gold Metal Women-19  1:96 Autographs-68  1:8
Sketch Cards-30  1:288 Costumes-16 1:24

Base Set

The Women of ST 50th Anniversary set released July 26, 2017. It follows in the footsteps of the 2010 Women of Star Trek set.  After the 50th Anniversary set, it was expected that cases prices would go back down, however they did not. Rittenhouse hasn’t had a price change in over 10 years.  Although the set wasn’t billed as premium product specifically, it did have alot in common with earlier premium sets. The base set is on thick card stock, with foiling and a ‘soft touch’ feel, like velvet.  The cards are bright and colorful and use different images on the front and back.  The feature pairings (both romantic and not) of the featured women.


  • The base set is repeated in a 100 card parallel metal set, similar to the cards in the earlier 50th Anniversary set.
  • A 9 card Women in Command set with blue foiling shows women in command positions with some details on the situations they found themselves in command
  • The 18 Quotable card set is a border-less (fill bleed) set with front and back images along with a quote.
  • There are 19 gold metal Women cards. Each is numbered x/100.
  • There are 12 single and 4 dual costume cards. WCC16 is a card originally planned for the 2010 WofST but held back because they didn’t have alot of them. It is considered an Extremely Limited card.  Variants include the colors of swatches in RC6 Guinan-grey and gold, RC15 Vash-pattern and swirl and Vash RC11 and RC13-red, darker brown and lighter brown/tan.
  • Sketch cards from 30 different artists are seeded at 1 per case.

The Andorian featured on this sketch card is not form the show but was a ‘mock up’ of an Italian actor, Virma Lisi, as she would appear where she an Andorian.


  • There are 68 autographs, most done up in the style from the 2010 WofST. Jeri Ryan’s card is in the Legends format.

Autograph Variations

  • Spice Williams signed as Spice Willians and Spice Williams Crosby.
  • Stephanie Beacham has a 1 line and 2 line version.

Promo Cards

  • P1 General Distribution
  • P2 Album Exclusive

Misc Items

  • Binder with P2 promo card
  • There are two case toppers. These are metal versions of the promo cards for this set.
  • The 6-Case Incentive is a Legends version of Nichelle Nichols.
  • The 9-case incentive is a sketch card from Charles Hall. He produced artwork from the images in each of the base cards.
  • Sealed Marked Archive box. It contains the Quotable set, the Women in Command set. It has the case toppers and 6-case incentive card.  It has an exclusive WCC11 alternate swatch T’Pol costume card, a Teri Garr autograph, and a WCC27 7 of 9 costume card. Like the WCC16 card, the T’Pol and 7 of 9 cards were originally planned for the 2010 set but was held back and they didn’t have many. There is a set of 4 printing plates used to make one of the base sets, which are exclusive to the archive box. Lastly, it included a set of the promo cards.

Last minute surprise addition to our Women of Star Trek 50th Anniversary Archive Box! In addition to the previously announced WCC16 card of Yeoman Rand, which is in the packs, and the WCC24 card of Seven of Nine, which is in the Archive Box, we’re including an alternate version of WCC11 of T’Pol, which has material from the trim of her uniform, also in the Archive Box. This material is different from what we had used on the cards in the previous Women of Star Trek set. Happy collecting!