Bandai Star Trek Cards

In October 2011, Bandai released it’s TNG 300 card deck building kit. It includes 300 cards, 5 twenty sided dice, and a game manual.  Bandai Star Trek Deck Building Set was released Nov 2012. Their initial offering was was a TOS Expansion. If pre-ordered, it came with some promo cards attached to the outside of the box! In  Jan 5 2012, an expansion was released, called Next Phase. It included some old cards and (about 80%) new cards.


  • Pre-orders  of the 2011 set included two foil promo cards of Q and Picard
  •  Three TNG promos were released as part of a kit dealers could order to have games in their store.
  • There were 3 Promo cards released at Gencon Aug, 2012. Holodeck, Worf and Data.