Foreign Star Trek Phone Cards

Many countries have released Star Trek phone cards. Some licensed, some not.  Unfortunately, there are likely many that aren’t on this list, but what is known is discussed below and listed in the checklist. Anyone with any added information is encouraged to submit it to the author.

German Phone Cards

1993 TV Classics’ Star Trek phone card set of 2, liscensed by Merchandising Munchen.

Ludwig Schokolade GmbH & Co., the company who produced the Star Trek Fritt stickers, released a few promotional phonecards featuring a few of their products. One of these cards is a Voyager Fritt phonecard.  Dated 1997, the cards came in a thick cardboard folder.

Sparkasse, a bank in Germany released a phone card in a small cardboard folder in 1997 It had a production run of 3000 and was produced to promote their services.


Australian Phone Cards

Pacificnet released two sets of phone cards, complete with bonus cards, a promo and a binder. One is a 4-card $5 set with a $5 promo and a $100 bonus Picard. The other is a 4-card $10 set with a $250 TNG crew card. Both come in a folder. An uncut press sheet has also been circulated on thinner card stock, which includes the $5 set, the $10 set and the above $5 Picard bonus/promos cards are available and come on thinner cardboard stock.

Portugal Phone Cards

Portugal released a Generations phone card set with 9 crew cards in a full color folder An ad postcard depicting the phone cards is also available.

New Zealand Phone Card

  This is from New Zealand and Telecom.

Japanese Phone Cards

Japans has offered several phone cards over the years.  Used phone cards have small punched holes along the side as time is used on them. Cards are printed on thin stock.

Alot of their phone cards are based on the Trek movies and come in three versions. The first version is found in VCR releases, the second is found in the laserdisc version of the movie. The third, and more difficult to find is the version that is purchased at the theater  (and via mail order) while the movie is out.

There was also a set of 8 TNG episode phone cards released in a 35th Anniversary Video set.  They came with a presentation folder.

Japan also released several Trek phone cards to promote the Super NES (called Super FamCon in Japan, the Yoyogi animation Gakuin school and the Japanese Satellite Broadcasting Channel. An AB artwork Mr. Spock is likely unlicensed.

I was also given images and information on a Japanese Movie Poster Phone Card Set. This is a 10 card phone card set in 5 videos released by CIC VICTOR LTD in 1999. Each video of the episodes BOBW, Descent, All Good Things, Generations and First Contact came with two cards each.

I have also been told of some TNG Episode Phone Cards, similar to the 8 card set but the layout is slightly different. Full Faces in the center of the card, instead of half faces to the side.

UK Freephone

Around 1998, in the UK, several sets were released by UK freephone. It should be noted that there is no copyright notice on these cards and they can’t be used for phone time. and it is likely an unauthorized product. Sets include TOS, TNG and Voyager.

NEC Phone Card-A limited edition of 5,000 cards was produced by Network Services GBC for Memorabilia ’97
ET Telecards in the UK released a few Trek puzzle phone cards that make into larger pictures.
UK Patco phone cards are limited to 250.

Subspace Communications produced many Trek phone cards and is covered here.

Italian Phone Card

This has an Italian (?) tithe but the back is in English. No company information. Please contact the author with any information.

1997 BEL Company Phone Card. Front has Italian text for Return of the Archons (and Light Speed).

Austrian Phone Cards

  In 1993, Austria released 6 DS9 holographic phone cards. The cards feature various images of the DS9 and the wormhole.

Canadian Phone Cards

  TEC/Future Call released several phone cards in Canada in celebration of 30th Anniversary. These cards have bilingual information on the back.

A 20-unit card First Contact card.
The Kellogg’s 30th Anniversary card was advertised on the backs of ST 30th Anniversary cereal boxes from Canada.
A First Contact 30-unit card.
All 4 ships are featured on a 20 unit 30th Anniversary card.
TEC released the Toronto Star Trek: the Festival Passport was also from Canada. Besides being a phone card, the card is good for discounts and prizes.
TEC TOS phone card showing the main crew over the TOS Enterprise. Also released by Famous Players with their logo in the upper right corner.

Netherlands Phone Card

  Released to promote ST VI by CIC Video.

Chili Phone Cards

  One TOS and TNG phone card from Chili.

Estonia Phone Cards

  From Telefoni Pood?

W.T.? Telecom

An odd set of phone cards where the 3rd letter of the company is smudged out. Not sure of company. No copyright info, 1997

Philippines Phone Card

  This 2-hours-free prepaid Internet card was given out to the 1st 100 registrants of the recent launch of Star Trek: Enterprise in the Philippines on October 10, 2003 at the Enterprise Center.

Indonesia Phone Cards

5 cardboard cards from Nemesis.

Ireland Phone Card

  Ireland’s First Contact phone card by Telecom Eireann is the first Star Trek card in that country