US Star Trek Phone Cards

Future Call/TEC

Future Call/TEC produced several sets of phone cards. The company released cards in both the US and Canada. Unlike regular phone cards with long distance minutes on them, these cards were used to allow access to an 800 number that gave information/interviews and such about their favorite stars.

Generations phone card set

The first was a set of Generations cards There were 13 10 unit phone cards. The set was also produced on a limited basis with the only difference being 20 units rather than 10 units marked on front. Perhaps due to the fact that the difference between the two was so slight, these didn’t sell well and many sets never left the warehouse. Each of these sets are limited to 2,500. Future Call also released a binder for the Generations cards.There were several promo and bonus cards for this set; a 10 Unit Two Captain’s cards, a 60 unit Two Captain’s cards and a 10 unit and 30 unit Movie Poster card.
There were also three oversized phone cards- Kirk and Picard with Nexus phone card, Kirk and Picard with Ent-D and Generations Movie teaser poster and are limited to 5,000. These cards also came in a signed by Shatner and Stewart and unsigned version.
Also released was a $20 (rather than 20 unit) Generations phone card and a $20 Kirk, Picard and Nexus card.

QVC Four Captains Set

QVC 4 Captains and Ships Set
QVC 4 Captains and Ships Set
In 1995, QVC offered an exclusive set of 4 cards featuring the four captains and their ships. Limited to 5,000, this set came with a COA. Future Call and Scoreboard produced these cards

TEC Ship Sets

TEC produced three 4-card sets for TOS, TNG and Voyager. Each set featured three crew cards and one ship card.
There were also 4 sets of 10-unit ship sets. Each ship from TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager had it’s own phone card with a bonus card featuring all 4 ships on one card. The bonus card was the same for all 4 sets except for the series title. These two cards came shrink-wrapped to a retail cardboard backing.
In 1995, TEC released an unknown number of 12 unit phone cards packaged in a full color envelope with images of planets, TOS Enterprise, TNG Enterprise and Voyager against a Galaxy background.The known cards are Kirk, TNG Enterprise, Janeway and the TOS Enterprise. Each card is limited to 5,000.
Various prototypes have been seen with either a blank back or 0’s for a serial number. Some are seen loose and some in retail packages.

Starfleet Academy phone card

  Future Call and MCI offered this Starfleet Academy International Phone Card Conference and Exposition phone card. It was limited to 1701 and was issued in 1995.

AT&T phone cards

Future Call then began producing phone cards for AT & T. Their first series was a  5 card set of TNG, Voy and DS9 phone cards in sealed packs.  A 10 unit promo card (some came autographed) was given out a convention promoting the new line..

Insurrection Phone Cards

  Released in 1998, this 4-card phone card set was based on Insurrection.

QVC and HSN Phone Cards

QVC and the Sci FI Channel released a framed 5-card phone card set. HSN had a TNG version. The TOS set is limited to 1,000 and the TNG set is limited to 700..

3-card ATT Set

  This set comes either separate on cardboard backs or together in a presentation binder.

Miscellaneous US Phone Cards

Several phone cards unrelated to Future Call or TEC were also released in the US. Some of these phone cards were produced mainly as a marketing tool for merchandise, like comic book phone cards or Pocketbook phone cards. For many of these phone cards little is known about, except a title and are therefore only listed on the checklist. Below are the ones where at least a little bit of details or images are available.

First Contact Comic Book Card

  The First Contact comic book phone card was created for the 5th Annual Leadership Conference in Atlanta in 1997 and is limited to100. Marvel/Paramount Comics commissioned the original artwork on this card for Jeff Pittarelli for the First Contact Movie Adaptation Comic Book. It was produced by Angels in Time 4-U.

Mark Lenard Phone Card

Karis Communications released a limited Edition phone card, limited to 1,000. The card was produced after Mark Lenard’s death and a portion of the funds raised by the sale of the card was given to the family as a memorial.

MCI Star Trek Phone Card

MCI Star Trek phone card from 1998

Tele200 First Contact Card

  Tele200 First Contact Card, limited to 500

OMSI Star Trek Phone Card

  Destiny Telecom OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) Federation Science Phone card 15 units. It has a copyright date of 1996.

The Return Phone Card

  From Pocketbooks in 1997, the Return Phone Card.

Garfield Star Trek Phone Cards 

  ACM1 produced a Garfield Trek Parody Phone Card. in 1996. It comes in both small and jumbo size and is limited to 500 of each.

Global Card Star Trek Phone Cards

Five Globalcall ST Phone cards. Four seem fairly easy to acquire, but the 5th, DS9 with Worf seems to be tougher to get.