Star Trek Pogs

Several pog sets were released throughout the 90’s. Pogs come from an Hawaiian game played with milkcaps. This style of cards never caught on in the US as was first hoped, but some collectors are interested in these round cards. For many sets, the manufacturer is not know. Pogs come either “punched” (removed from the card that surrounds them, or “unpunched”. For the most part, if the pog exists in an unpunched format, this is the preferred method of collecting.

Generations Pog Sets

 Many variations of pog sets exist for the 1994 Generations movie. Unconfirmed reports say these sets may have come from Mexico. The set consists of two sheets of 6 pogs each, with either a white background or a black background. Variations include black bordered sets with text on the front of a few of the pogs in blue, yellow and no text.

STVI: Pog Set

  For ST VI, two sheets of six pogs each were produced with images from the 1991 movie. Unknown manufacturer.


Jack-in-the-Box had a1994 Generations promotion. It included bags, french fry holders, posters and stickers with Generations images. It also included 4 triangle shaped sheets with three pogs on each.

Ramada Inn Pog Set

  Ramada Inn also had a Generations video promotion with two sheet of six pogs each with ten trivia game cards in 1995. The top sheet of 6 appears harder to find.

Mars Pog Set

Mars/ Effem Foods of Canada ran a promotion in 1995 offering a mail away set of 8 pogs featuring the captain and ship/station from all four ST incarnations. They came sealed in a cello package. In order to receive them it was necessary to send in any 2 U.P.C. codes of Mars, Snickers, M&M’s, Twix, Skittles or Starburst candies plus $1.00 for postage.

STTNG Stardiscs

 The STTNG Launch Edition Star Trek Stardiscs were produced by Stardisc Enterprise of Canada in 1994. This set of 60 pogs came in sheets of two. Pogs 59 and 60 were considered inserts at a ratio of about 1 sheet per box. The pogs were gold bordered and featured Scotty and McCoy from their appearances on STTNG. There were 6 discs (three sheets) to a pack, 36 packs to the box.

 Caricature Pogs

  There are three 1995 Canadian (possibly) ST caricatures. Two are of Spock and Enterprise. The two Spock pogs also show a variation with silver etchings. It is possible the silver etching pogs were part of a fan club/fanzine in Canada. Recently, A Kirk pog with similar artwork was reported and may be part of this ‘set’. One collector reports that the blue/green with designs Spock was found loose in boxes of different pogs along with loose pogs of almost every different series from Spawn to DC to Marvel characters.

German and Australian Pog Sets

Germany (Schmidt) and Australia (Crown and Andrews) offered a similar set of pogs in 1995. This set featured 70 different STTNG images. The main differences between the two are in the pog backs and the backgrounds of pogs 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 28, 31, 32, 59, 64 and 66. The image may be of a Borg ship with a brown background in the Australian set, but is a silver background in the German set. The Australian set featured 17’Galaxy Class blue chasers. These are pogs similar to the common set, but with a shiny blue border or background. These chasers may only appear 2-4 in a box, making it difficult to complete a set. A package contained 4 pogs and a slammer (kini). A box had 36 packs. The slammer, a large plastic pog came in 10 different images, repeated in 6 colors. The images included logos for the show and races like Romulans or Borgs. The chasers and slammers did not exist in the German set (the German set had slammers, but they were not Trek images). The German set came with 5 pogs and one kini in a pack. There were 36 packs in the box.

DS9 Sheet of 6

  This is a 6-card pog set from an unknown source.

TNG Pog Set

  This is a 6-card pog set from an unknown source, similar to the DS9 sheet Since these sheets. tend to come in sets of two sheets, one wonders if a second sheet of either of the two remains to be discovered.

Canadian Generations Pogs

   Pogs from Canada These pogs were found in Canada and appear similar to other Generations pog sets, but slightly different in that the image is either larger or from later in the scene. No more information is available.

CIC Pogs

Not too much is known about this 1988 set, though CIC in the Netherlands reports they recall it being a set of 32 (one duplicate) pogs, released in 4 or 5 videos. Back is red in color with CIC and an Episode Number.
Back and front of a CIC pog

DS9 Yo-Yo Pog

  One almost-a-pog comes from the DS9 Dairy Queen yo-yo, it had a lenticular round pog on one side of the yo-yo that could be popped out.

Unknown TOS pogs

  This is a series of pogs from an unknown source, possibly fan made. Quality and image selection isn’t always the best.

Fish Trek

  Two Star Trek parody pogs in a set of pogs called Fish Trek.