Star Trek Movie Poster Cards

Ingot Star Trek Cards

A series of Ingots released in 1993 over a period of time by Continental Coin Company. Each Ingot came with a Movie teaser poster card that matched the Ingot. After collecting 10 Ingots, the company sent an offer to mail in the display case that included space for 2 more Ingots from Generations. The 11th and 12th cards are much less common. The advertisement for the set included one of the cards from ST VI and no difference is noticeable between the promo card and the card in the set. Trading Card Sized.

?? Foreign Movie Teaser Poster Set

  There is a set of two promo cards from some sort of foreign movie teaser poster card set. The two known cards are from ST IV and ST VI. The backs say “Promotional Use Only” . Trading Card Sized.

Thailand Movie Society Cards

  These cards are images of two ST cards come from a set of cards put out by a movie club in Thailand, Movie Card Society. They sent out batches of 50 cards every couple months for a year to members of the club. The cards depict the posters from hundreds of different movies, ranging from 1921’s “The Kid” with Charlie Chaplin, to the most new releases. There are 400 cards in a full set.   They measure 2 x 3 1/5, thin card stock. The Trek cards are 229 and 388.

Premiere Magazine Trek Card

  Inserted into Premiere magazine in perforated sheets of 4 in 1994. Back has cast and crew notes and movie information. They measure 3 3/4 x 5 1/2.

Thailand Calender Cards

At the theaters in Thailand, they offered trading card type wallet cards to movie goers. These cards had movie poster artwork and calendars on the back. Released from 1999-2003, they are trading card sized.

Historia de Tus Peliculas

  Not too much is known about this card. It is said to be from Spain. The back of the card translates to “The History of your Motion Pictures” The set includes other movie posters such as Star Wars. Card is numbered 43 and is trading card sized.

Cinema Movie Poster Cards

This is a series of various 4 x 5 1/2 movie poster cards from a German Magazine called Cinema. The cards came on thin card stock on a perforated sheet.

Generations Copper Card

  The 1994 Generations copper card, similar to the Pewter Ingots, was given out at a 1994 convention and also directly to various executives of Paramount and other companies. Limited to 5,000, this copper card came with a black bag imprinted with the Generations name and logo. Trading Card Sized.

Trek 2009 Movie Poster Cards

  Set of twelve 2 by 3 4/10  calendar cards with copyright info. On thin card stock.

Caldendarios Unde Video Calender Card

Has CIC logo in image and O Caminho Das Estrelas on the back.  Card #83, measures 2 1/2 by 4 1/2.

Portuguese Calendar Cards

  Girassol (?) released these Portugese calendar cards in 1996. They measure  2 3/4 x 3 3/4.

Japan Movie Poster Cards

A series of cards that comes in a set of videos in Japan. Trading card sized.

Video Guay Trek Card

  From 1984, unknown Movie Poster Card, measures 2 1/8 by 3 1/8.

PMC Trek Movie Poster Card

  This card is from a set of movie cards produced by Italian Company PMC in 1991.