Star Trek Gold Cards

There are three companies that, over the years, have produced gold cards, Scoreboard, Danbury Mint and Authentic Images.


Scoreboard (in association with Skybox) released several gold-foiled cards from 1996 through 1997. The cards come packed with a certificate and a white box with blue artwork on the front either similar to the artwork on the card or just a basic title artwork. Most are limited to 10,000.
The first two cards, Picard and the USS Enterprise, were available singly and as a set with matching numbers from QVC. There is no difference between the single cards or the pairs
The 4 Captain’s card was released both with and without a black commemorative stamp. The one with the stamp was a QVC exclusive and was limited to 3613. The stamp’s text goes as follows:
3 0 Y e a r s o f
S e p t e m b e r 8, 1 9 9 6
The one without the stamp states it is limited to 10,000, though I wonder if it is perhaps 6387 (making the total with and without the stamp 10,000).
The All Good Things card, an exclusive from QVC had some collectors on a frenetic hunt for years prior to its release. Scoreboard and QVC had offered purchasers of their plaques a SkyBox trading card limited to 10,000. The cards, which I dubbed the “Card of Many Names”, shows the cast sitting around at the poker table during filming of “All Good Things”. Many collectors assumed this standard trading card was another gold card and therefore it was on many want lists. After this information was discovered and collectors crossed off the All Good Things gold card from their list, QVC released its newest gold card, All Good Things…just to keep us off balance!
Other gold cards include Generations Poster, City On The Edge Of Forever, Big Three-Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Star Trek TNG Senior Officers. Currently, Scoreboard has gone out of business, the license to produce gold cards (as of 2003) is with Rittenhouse Archives.

Authentic Images

   Authentic Images produced two, limited to 500, 24k gold cards for QVC and Home Shopping Network. HSN released the Spock card and QVC offered the Kirk card. The cards come in a large lucite holder nestled in a larger protective display case. The front of the card is gold foil and the back has details about the characters and doubles as a certificate of authenticity.

Danbury Mint

In June of 2001, Danbury Mint in the UK began releasing a gold foil card set. These cards are on thin paper stock with gold foil on front and back, similar to the Scoreboard gold cards. The cards are inside a plastic case and were released two a month over a two-year period. The set includes a binder with labeled pages. Danbury also sent out two **fixed pages** correcting a few errors with their labels.
In 2009, the US Danbury Mint began releasing their own gold cards. For the most part, the cards are the same. In 2011, they expanded the collection and added 12 new cards, like Nero and other characters from the TOS 2009 movie, making the final set 60 cards. A few cards have a different copyright and these differences ar enoted on the checklist. The binder is different as well. This set was discontinued in 2013.