Star Trek Lenticular Cards

ST 40th Anniversary Card

  A 3×4, blank backed lenticular card promoting a set of TOS lenticular posters produced by a company called Mello-Smello. The posters themselves are 8×10.

Bi Fi Set

   Set of 6 trading card sized 3-d cards found in sausages packages in Germany in 1996.

First Contact Video Card

When First Contact was released on videos in 1997, a 4 /14 x7 First Contact lenticular card appeared in a few trade magazines for video stores to encourage sales of the tapes to video stores. Some were lightly gummed into the magazine. Others had a green sticker on the back promoting the product. The card also appeared attached to the boxes of First Contact videos themselves. There was also a UK version of the video lenticular card which had text and fake signatures of Frakes and Berman.


  Visicomm released two 2×2 1/2 lenticular type cards promoting larger sized lenticular artwork released in stores like Spencer’s. There is a larger version of the Visicomm promos listed earlier in this chapter. It is possibly an unframed version of the print the two smaller cards promoted or a mousepad prior to the back being added on. The size is 5 1/2 by 6 1/2 and has a blank back.

Las Vegas Hilton Lenticular

  For opening night in 1998, Star Trek Experience sent out invitations for the opening day. A lenticular card was on the cover. The 3 x 3 lenticular features the TNG Enterprise over the Las Vegas Hilton hotel.

 30th Anniversary Lenticular

  One other lenticular card is the 30th Anniversary TOS Enterprise card is available, used as a t-shirt decal. It is 3″ x 3″ and it flips between the 30th Anniversary logo and the TOS Enterprise and has a blank back.

These Are the Voyages Card

  A 4×6 lenticular card was attached to the front of the 1996 ST Pop-up book “These are the New Voyages”. Produced by Pocketbooks, the image is of the TOS Enterprise through Space.

Voyager Entertainment Card

  This 4×6 card was attached to the front of the box of the software Voyager Entertainment Utility in 1996.

TV Guide Lenticular

The December 7-13 2002 TV Guide had 4 different lenticular cards on the front of the magazine. The 4 cards measure 4×4 and flip between two images.  There is also a promotional uncut sheet of the lenticulars.

TOS Enterprise Game Piece

  This is card #802 and appears part of some sort of game. Back has a game board, front is a lenticular type (with minimal motion) with the TOS Enterprise. Produced by Dimensional Industries Corp with a copyright of 1968. Measures 8 1/2 x 11.

Blockbuster Trek Movie 2009 set

  A set of 3 gift cards with a lenticular effect from Blockbuster advertizing the new Trek movie. 3-D card

Roddenberry Card

  Lenticular card from released at the San Diego Comic Con, 2009. Used to promote a series of lenticular prints.

SDCC ST App Promo card

  Released in 2011, this 4×5 lenticular card was given out at the SDCC to promote a new ST app.

Star Trek Into Darkness Lenticular Covers

  These are lenticular cards attached to the front of BlueRay covers for the ST 2013 Movie. The German card has a magnetic back. Both are blank.

Universal Studios ST Lenticular card

  4×6 blank backed, thicker card stock card from Universal Studios, 1988

Roger’s Plus Lenticular card

  Canadian Lenticular gift card from Roger’s Plus Shopping Channel in 2009.  Approx 2 x 3.5.