Star Trek Ticket Cards

This section is for tickets used for events that may sometimes barely qualify as cards 😉


Legends Convention Schedule

  Standard trading card sized convention schedule for 1993 by Legends.

Viacom Warp and Win

  A ticket for a 1997 Star Trek game. Game instructions on back. Measures 3 x 5.

FedCon cards

Every year, FedCon puts out a convention and these cards are the entry ticket. The front has great ST artwork and the back has the logos of all the sponsors. For some versions, different colored backs are a variant some collectors chase after. Basically card sized, with some slight variance. FedCon 6 is slightly oversized.

Fan Club Cards

Many Official Fan Clubs around the world offer Star Trek membership cards to people who join. Most have a place for a signature. Standard trading card sized.

Las Vegas Ticket Cards

These eight 3 x 8 ST Experience widevision ticket cards 8 and feature 4 ship cards and 4 Klingon cards. The tickets come either used or unused- stub removed. There are also many different versions of the back text depending on the price and type bought. There is also a fan appreciation version of the ticket on slightly thinner and less glossy stock. There is one for the 3-d rides at the exhibit.  Released in 1997.

Australian Disco Passes

These cards promote a Star Trek night at a local disco in 1996 and 1997. Backs have info about the ST theme night. Many of the cards have small pen markings on them, possibly a way of voiding the cards or monitoring which employee passed out the card. The third card has a color variation. The Crunch Pass is trading card sized, the Enterprise-D is 2 1/4×4 and the TMP Enterprise is 4 x6.

Trek Movie 2009 Premiere Pass

  2009 ticket for opening night of the Trek 2009 movie at Planet Hollywood. Card measures 4×61/2.