Star Trek Parody Cards

This section is for cards that parody our beloved Star Trek.

Gordon Currie Card Set

  Eight  3 5/8 x 1 3/4 black and white caricature of the TOS crew. Easily found in mint condition, an oddity for a card set of that age. They show a 1968 copyright, but that seems unlikely and may be an unlicensed product. Gordon Currie is a well know caricature artist.

Spitting Images ST Card

  Released in 1990 from Topps, this #36 Spock parody card was released in the UK.

TV Smelly Awards card-Star Truck



Released by Fleer in 1980, card #56 has a removable sticker on the front. Back is a ballot to vote for the Smelliest Show, worst actor and biggest bomb.

Wacky TV Shows-Tar Trek

  In 1978, Continental Baking Company/Hostess produced a set of cards parodying various popular TV Shows. Card #19 is a Star Trek card.

National Lampoon ST Cards

  21st Century Archive’s released two ST parody cards in the National Lampoon’s Card Set, cards  # 57, 93.

Mad III F2 Promo Card

  Image of a ST Mad Magazine cover found on the F2 promo card released for that set by Limerocks in 1993.

Saturday Night Live Star Trek Card

  Card #106 has a scene from SNL’s ST parody skit from their 1992 card set by Starpics

Spoofy Tunes Star Trek Card and Promo

  A 1993 Satire card set with two Trek related cards by Buttheadz. Card #22 and a promo card (P1, which is usually sealed in a cello pack. )

Tiny Toon Adventures Star Trek Card

  By Cardz in 1994, card #27 shows cartoon characters as aging TOS Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

Bloom County ST Cards

  Produced by Krome in 1995, this card set features several cards where the character pretend to be ST characters. The case topper is a complete Sunday comic strip on an oversized card, blank backed. The sticker set parallels the cards in the common set with plain backs.  The Trek cards are #14, 55-65, unnumbered stickers, a Case Topper uncut sheet and an H3 insert card.

Cracked Magazine Wrestling Cards


Cracked Magazine released a perforated sheet of 12 cards, part of an extra-terrestrial wrestling parody set in their Issue #90, April 1992′

Best of Cracked Puzzle Cards

  In this 1983 card set from Flee, the front of the cards feature images from various Cracked Covers. The back forms a puzzle of King Kong. Two of the puzzle pieces are the TOS Enterprise as one of the ships around Kong. The backs repeat on a couple of cards, so it is possible to find the halves more then once in a set,

Steer Trek Promo



Steer Trek was created by Todd Riley of Nostalgia Cards as part of a “design your own card’ contest for the magazine “The Wrapper” and is a cow parody/pun of the ST Leaf set. When he started his own card company, he decided to make the T1 card a reality in Oct, 2000.. The card has a hand numbered (and signed) to 650 and has an embossed stamp version.  Steer Trek was revamped for the Galaxy Goons set and appeared in the common set (28) and as part of a mini-card preview (10 of 12) sent to people who preordered the set.

Wrath of Prawn Promo Card


Promo Cards for Galaxy Goons set by Nostalgia Cards. Could be ordered direct from the company and found in the Nov. 2000 issue of NSU. Hand numbered x/650. When the full set came out in 2002, the Wrath of Prawn was part of the common set.  The cards include Special Offer #8, P3 and 18.

Whozaatt? Star Trek Game Card

  Part of a guessing game. 300 cards with caricatures of famous people. Two were Trek characters. Created by Marshall Kaplan in 1992, this card measures 3×4.

Silly CD’s Promo Card

  Silly Productions, Inc. released some cards promoting their Silly CD collection in 2001. Card #16 has a minor Trek reference (see the t-shirt!)

Personal Preferences

  Personal Preferences is a Canadian Card game with hundreds of cards with different celebrities or things represented as obscure artist drawings.There are two featuring Star Trek characters: Captain Kirk (a drawing of the Enterprise) and Mr. Spock (a drawing of two pointy ears!) It was released in the 1980’s.  Trading card sized.

Power Lunch Spock Card





Part if a card game with one Trek Card released by Mayfair Games in 1993.

Hockey Freaks Star Trek Parody

  #69 is a parody of Captain Kirk. Released by Action Cards in 1992.

Loaded Weapons Card Set

  National Lampoon released a Loaded Weapons Card Se in 1993. Two cards (20, 105) from this movie card set relate to Star Trek. One speaks of Shatner’s role as Captain Kirk. The second features James Doohan as a Scotty like character saying one of his more famous lines!

Skinnies Star Trek Parody Card

  The Skinnies Star Trek Parody Card released in 1992. Card #31 parodies a player named Dan Majerie with Spock-like ears. Measures 2 3/4 x 3 3/4.

Space Beans


The cards are from a German card game titled “SPACE BEANS” released in 2000 by Rio Grander. Several popular sci-fi series are represented in the deck of cards. There are 9 Trek cards, the only difference being the number in the corner (1-9)

Star Truck Animation Card

  3 1/4 x 5 1/4 Promotional postcard for a limited edition cel featuring an episode of Animaniacs that parodied a ST episode.

Galaxy Quest 9-card Promo Set

  Set of 9 cards given out at theatres promoting Glaxay Quest, a ST parody movie. Some have a ST feel to them. Released by Dreamworks in 1999.

Mighty Beanz Spock Card

  This card is part of a series of cards released in a pack of Mighty Beanz by Moose in 2003. A toy from overseas, I think. One pack of beans comes with a couple of cards. Not sure whether beanz and cards match. The beanz cover a wide variety of themes..Elvis, dragons, firemen and Mr Spock is #105.

Wacky Packs Series II Durasmell

  Released by Toppis in 2005, the back of the sticker card #2 has an Enterprise parody

StarPics Troll Force

  Card #16 from Star Pics Troll Force Ammerrigoround Trollspucci has the slogan “To boldy go where no troll has gone before?” Released in 1992.

Mighty Beanz Alien Tram Card

  Genio.SpinMaster released this Foiled Mighty Beanz Alien Tram  CCG card based on the Mighty Bean Toy Series. Released in 2004 and numbered 33/131.

 Illuminati Trekkie cards

Released by Steve Jacobson Games in 1995, it included a Limited Boxed Set-Black and White simple version a Factory set (black background), a Booster Pack- Red streaked background. The booster pack as a word wrap variation.

Quacky Cards

  One of a series of 65 celebrity parody sticker cards released by Jiles Productions in 2004.

Garbage Pail Kids Trek Parody

Released at the San Diego Comic con, this promo card is for the Garbage Pail Kidds Gross Sticker set.The other three are cards from the common set. (1A has a Trek image on back) Released by Topps in 2006, the Trek cards are P2, 40A, 40B, 1A.

Hollywood Zombies Killem Fatner card

  Set of parody cards featuring actors if they were zombies. Released by Topps in 2007. The Trek card is #11.

Think Geek

  Part of a larger series of cards related to artwork by Len Peralta. The cards feature a cople of Trek actors and a Trek parody on the front. Series I and II backs have a small monkey in a red shirt on the back. Series II has Jeri Ryan listed as one of the cards, but the actual image is of another sci-fi actress. Series I was released in 2010 (card 14) and Series III was released in 2011 (card #31).

Star Wreck Wacky Sticker

  Topps Wacky Packages Old School Series 5 Star Wreck sticker parody. Thin sticker paper, blank back. Variations in back color: tan, white, die cut and black ludlow.  Released in 2014.

Family Guy Ensign Ricky Sketchcards

  The Family Guy card set released in 2005 by Inkworks has several Trek references in the sketches of John Czop (“Ensign Ricky” ) and Joel Gomez, featuring parodies of Star Trek found in some of the episodes. They include slight differences in background or color.  The Trek cards in this set are SK-2 Cards #10-16, 18-20 90 and 105 and  SK-7 Cards #11, 133, 196, 205, 296, 327, 504.