Star Trek Cards in Non-Star Trek Sets

7 Jours Kirk and Spock

  Released in 7 Jours-Weekly Magazine in Quebec around 1996 were 2 perforated cards from a series of Famous Movie Stars. French text on back.  They measure 3 1/2″x5 1/2″.

Philly Non Sport Trek Cards

The Philly Non Sports Card Show has several cards with a Trek theme released over the years.  They are standard trading card sized.

TV Week ST Cards

  Put out in the Australian TV Week Magazine. Card #17 is a Trek card. Cards are on thin card/paper stock and lightly gummed into the magazine. Most of the cards in this series were also released as a limited edition version with a small gold TV stamp in the corner. Limited to 5,000. Released in 1995.

Unknown 1970’s Photo Cards

  Standard trading card sized, but not much else is known. The seller reports having had these since the early 70’s and that they were part of a set that included other non-Trek cards like Superman, Abbott and Costello. The cards are on thin card stock and have blank backs.

Nintendo Power Magazine Cards

Found randomly in issues #55-67, cards are numbers #93 (purple) and #146 (green)Perforated into magazines, these standard sized cards are on thin stock and promote Nintendo games.

Ackermonster Classiccards

  Released in 1992, these boxed sets feature covers from Famous Monster Magazines. The Trek cards come in Sets #3 and #5.

La Novuelle Generation

  This is a 18 standard sized card set promoting a new science fiction TV channel in Quebec (Channel Z). Packs were given out at the movies with the purchase of a ticket. Each pack has 6 cards and a TV schedule. One Trek card in the set.

Spaceshots Series III

  Released by Space Ventures, Inc. in 1992, card #288 features an image of the Shuttle Enterprise. The back reports on how Enterprise got her name.

Landmark Entertainment Trading Cards

   Landmark Entertainment, creators of the ST Experience, made approximately 100 sets of 25 trading cards relating to the various projects they were involved in. At the November 1997 IAPA convention, attendees were encouraged to trade the cards amongst themselves to try to complete the set. Card #3 card represented the Las Hilton Star Trek Experience. There was also a cardboard envelope to put the cards in.

Vulcan Change

  Released in 1992 by Pinnacle, this common card #606 in the set features a pitch entitled the *Vulcan Change*. The back states the pitch is much like the Vulcan sign in the TV show, Star Trek.

18 Wheeler’s Series II Kirk Card

  A series of cards about Truck Drivers, card #77 uses the handle of Captain Kirk.  Released in 1994 by Bon Air Collectibles.

Limits Magazine ST Cards

  (2) 2×3 card stock, (1)3×3 paper stock, (3) 2 1/3 x 3 3/4 thin card stock
Description There are a few cards from a German Magazine called Limit. The backs have information on the series on the back in German and were from perforated sheets with other Movie, Television and ships cards. There are 3 different types, (2) 2×3 card stock, (1)3×3 paper stock, (3) 2 1/3 x 3 3/4 thin card stock.

Historia Illustre de Cinema Mondial

  Apparently part of a series of foreign cards featuring movies. back has cast and crew information. Cards measure 5 x 8.

Grolier ST Card

  Released in 1995, this oversized card is part of a sort of Card Encyclopedia.

SFX Trump Card Game

  This is a series of cards inserted into SFX Collector’s Edition Magazine in 2002. Includes some Trek and non-Trek. A 7 of 9 card is featured on the magazine cover but is not included in the sealed pack. Cards come on perforated strips.
A second series of cards appeared is SFX Appeal in 2003. The cards come in a cello packet, 2 cards to a perforated sheet. Cards are 2 x 3.

American Pie II-Spirit of America

  Topps took 100 random 1976 and 1978 Star Trek cards and stamped them with a gold foil stamp as part of the Vintage Entertainment set. Each card is a different card from the set, but all are numbered 28 for the 1976 and 29 for the Topps 1979.  Released in 2002.

Farscape III Quotes Insert Set

  These cards contain quotes from Farscape characters that mention Trek. Released in
Rittenhouse’s 2002 and 2004 Farscape sets. Cards are #Q26 #Q31 #Q38 Q1.10.

Sci Fi Channel Media Kit

  In 2000, SciFi Channel created a media kit with a boxed set of trading cards. These cards feature science fiction series shown on their station. The kit also include a binder and pages to put the cards in. Cards measure  3 x 4 1/2.

Favorite Monsters Card Game

  A card game from Paddingtons in Canada that included two Star Trek cards. The cards have a haunted house image on the back. Released in 1978,  the cards measure  2 3/4 x 5 3/4.

German Micky Maus Magazine Cards

  These are perforated cards on thin cardstock found in a Disney Magazine in Germany in 1996. Appears to be part of a series of cards about TV Stars. They measure 2 3/4 x 3 1/2. The yellow and blue cards are larger and slightly thicker at 3 1/2 by 4 1/2.

Ken Barr Beast Within Card Set

  Card #35 from Comic Images in 1994 featuring the artwork by Ken Barr.

Art of Frank Kelly Frease Volume One

  Frank Freas released a card set based on his artwork. Card #8 related to Trek. The back gives some behind the scenes details.

Tele Pop ST:TMP Card

  One 2 /14 x3 card from a series of Tele Pop cards featuring TV Shows and Movies. From Spain. Cards were to be put into a Tele Pop album. Card is #225 and released in 1980 by Ediciones Estes.

House of White Birches ST Card

  The House of White Birches produce several magazines, one dedicated to dolls.This card set featured various dolls with information on the dolls on back. Card #952 was Trek related.

Kirk, Spock Promos

  Not much is known about the cards except that they may have been part of a series of other Non-ST Cards. Standard trading card sized.

Greek Empire Strikes Back ST Cards

This set is a 1980 bootleg of both SW and ST cards from Topps set produced in Greece. The images were taken directly from the stickers as even the sticker perforations are visible on the cards! This set has several STTMP cards, but a full listing isn’t known for sure. At one point there were rumors of a complete ST set, but one collector says he spoke to the person who started the rumor and  he claimed it was a mistake. Each image appears with two variations in the font size, large and small, each with the same card number. Several cards duplicate the same images with a different number. One report states there are two wrappers, one a lighter yellow shade and these contain the smaller text version.

Mardi Gras Trek Cards

  A series of cards from  J. Clark Promo Inc. based on floats in the Mardi Gras parade. The sets were released in 1993, 1994 and 1996 and each contain one Star Trek card.

Starlog Cover Card Set

Starlog produced a card set in 1993 based on their Magazine covers. It had a 4-card space art promo set, 100 commons, and 6 checklists. Two of the common cards were specifically Trek covers (#4 TAS and #95 Patrick Stewart) but many have small Trek images. The checklists had an offer on the back to send away for Bonus set of 5 Starlog cards with ST, TNG and DS9 images for $1 and a SASE. This mail-away set came with an offer to purchase an uncut sheet of the silver holograms, unnumbered but limited to 1000. The box had the silver #1 hologram on the top as a sticker. Uncut sticker sheets of 6 are also in circulation. A wrapper offer was for a gold version of the Starlog #1 cover. The holograms from this set tend to be poorly cut with parts of the left cut off in varying degrees. Backs of common cards are puzzles and when put together make the same artwork as is in the promo cards. A Commemorative set with an album was also offered to collectors. The set, space art promo set and two holograms came packaged in a small black binder.

USPS Stampers Set

  Released, sometime after 1999, this is a card that the USPS created that includes places to mount the Decades stamps they released. Card #12 is for the Star Trek stamp. Standard trading card sized.

60’s Sci Fi and Terror Sets

  Two sets of cards based on TV series in the 60’s released in 1994. 5 cards have a direct Trek reference, two feature Shatner in other series.  The Sequel set has a small Enterprise, Kirk and Spock in the corner of each card.  Cards from the first set-21, 26 and 39  and the sequel- 51 and 67 are Trek related.

Classic Toy Trek Cards

  Classic Toys released a card set of toys including a Mego Kirk and Spock AF card and a Mego Phaser Battle Game.  Released in 1983, the cards are standard trading card sized  and are #16 and 40.

Starfest Cards

 A convention in Colorado by the company Starland has produced a few sets of regional ST cards, called the Starfest or Starcon cards. The 1994 set is a color set of 10 Trek cards and 5 non-Trek-related cards. These cards could be collected at various activities and tables throughout the convention. Some guests of the con also had cards they would give you if you asked them about it. There was also a puzzle to solve to get some cards. In 1995, they offered another set of cards; a 17-card color set with 12 ST cards. They also released in 1995, a small (3 x 2 3/4)  black and white set of 15, of which 10 were ST cards. The theme at the convention was Clue. You had a mystery to solve which has a who, what and a where element. You had to have those three cards in order to collect a prize after you solved the mystery. Cards were gotten from registering, guests, tables and activities through the con. Three cards could be obtained by solving some cryptograms. At the fall 1999 StarCon convention, a new set of smaller (2 1/8 x 2/3/4)  cards was made available. These cards were at various tables and were moved around occasionally, making a full set harder to acquire. The set consisted of 15 Trek and non-Trek cards. The cards were clues to a crossword puzzle in the convention program. The cards are color and have pictures on both the back and the front. They are also numbered, 1 – 15 (except #8 – The Matrix)

StarGate Atlantis Season One Quotable Cards

  Quotable Cards from Rittenhouse in 2005 that reference Star Trek. Cards are numbered Q7, Q12, Q14, Q16.

NSU 15th Anniversary Ad Cards

  A series of cards released at various conventions. Same front, different back with subscription information, numbered NSU01-6. Released in 2005.

Family Guy Season Two Stewie as Borg


Mego Museum Action Figure Card Promo Set

  In 2007, the Mego Museum website gave away free cards on their website forum and encourages trading between members. Several of the cards and a checklist were Trek related. For a brief period of time, you could get a complete set of the Trek Mego cards by filling out a form and signing up for the newsletter. A checklist card was released at the Megomeet 2007 Convention.

Lincoln Monster’s Mr. Rock card

  The card is a promo card for a Mr Rock action figure sold in 1976, a Mr Spock take-off. Released by Plaid Stallions.

Tele-Loisirs Star Trek card

  Came in a French Magazine, Telo-Losirs as part of a set of cards about television shows.  Card is 5 1/2 x8.

Cinema Magazine TMP cover card

  Part of a series of cards featuring covers of Cinema Magazine. Cards are on thin card/paper stock and measure 4×5 1/2.

Picture Perfect Star Trek Card

  Game card from a Canadian game called Picture Perfect. Measures 2 1/2 x 4 3/4.

Poloaris Convention cards

  Promo cards for the Polaris 2011 Convention, one has Quark in costume


  Sticker signed auto card from 2011 Family Guy Season 3, 4, 5 set from  Leaf. There is also a Levar Burton card, but not in Trek character.


  Part of their 2011 American Pie set, these cards honored Gene Roddenberry. The patch cards are numbered out of 50, but the patch has no significance specifically to Roddenbrery.  1960s Gene Roddenberry common, chrome (x/76) and foil Card #92  Roddenberry HWF-13 patch card (x/50) and HWF single HWF-13.

 Les Fiches de Monsieur Cinema cards

  Part of a French Cinema Card Collection released by subscription/mail order that covered tv, movies and actors. Cards are 5×9 and were released over many years.

Big Bang Theory Season Five Leonard Nimoy Card

  A8, Hand signed trading card from the 2013 Season 5 card set of the Big Bang Theory by Cryptozic.

Topps 75th Anniversary Star Trek Cards

  In December of 2013, Topps released a Topps 75th Anniversary Set It features buy back cards from the 1979 set. These have a gold foil stamp. There is a base card-#65 with a new back. This card comes standard, rainbow foiled, diamond foiled (x/75) and also a glossy version stamped 10/10 on back.
Topps also sold a 1/1 blank backed card (printer’s plate) of card 65.

Game Boy Trek Cards

  On Cardboard stock, measuring 4×7. Unsure if it’s an add card or part of the package itself. There is a 1991 TOS (also a  Kirk/Spock variation version-no image available), a 1993 TNG and a 1994 Generations card.