Star Trek Video Cards

Cards in this section are found inside/with Videos and DVD’s as a promotion or added bonus.

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Columbia House Classic Encounters

Description Produced for a series of Classic Encounter videos in 1995, there are 12  3 x 5 cards, on two sheets of perforated cards on thin card stock. Backs have episode summaries.

TV Classics cards

  An uncut sheet of TV Classics cards from several popular TV Series. They measure 2 3/4 x4 1/4. Two are Trek Cards

CIC Voyager Cards

  CIC’s 1996 second season of Voyager vidoes each had a card with an image of Voyager against different space backgrounds. They measured 3 1/2 v 6. A mail-away simple black binder was also available. Released in Australia and the UK.10 cards in the set. If in the binder, the cards tended to have damaged corners.

German Widevision Movie Card Set

  Released in 1994 by Ferref and Associates, this set features Aliens and their planets. The artwork on the cards does not feature any licensed images, though it has a Paramount copyright. Cards measure 4 x 7.

CIC Video Cards

Set of 40 randomly inserted cards from all 4 series. These 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 feature 32 technology and 8 space phenomena cards. The TOS cards have a silver border, the TNG a gold border, the DS9, a copper border and the Voyager sports a purple border. The images that are on the space phenomena set can be seen on the walls of Voyager’s Astrophysics Lab. Released in 1998.

In 1999, they released a set of 10 ship schematic cards.

In 1999 and 2000, CIC and Time Life released a series of  TNG videos with ship cards. A boxed set of Greatest Battles had a bonus 4-ship card.

TOS I-3 HD DVD”s with collector’s cards

  Set of clear plastic cards, released in 2008 Seasons 1-3 of the remastered episodes. Cards come in red, blue or yellow, depending on what season they were from. Total of 13 5 x 5 cards. From CBS Studio.

Our Price TNG Video Card Set

  According to the front of the card, these cards were released in 1994 as limited edition cards with TNG Movie videos. Unknown how many are in the set. Cards are 4 x 6.

UK 3-D video Cards

Set of  six 3-d cards with attached 3-d viewing glasses. Released in 1994, they measure UK 3-D video Cards.

Paramount Widevision ST Video Cards

Released in 1998 and 1999, this was a set of 9 cards, one for each movie from TMP through Insurrection. These widevision cards are shrinkwrapped with the tape and measure 4 x 6. The Generations and FC cards were attached to the tape with a light gum and even careful removal leaves a stain. The Millennium Collection by Paramount includes the ST IV card and tape.  A sticker on hte package identified it included a card.

German CIC 7 of 9 video cards

There were two 4 x 6 7 of 9 sets produced by Paramount Home Entertainment and CIC. Both are blank backed.

UK Widevision ST video Cards

Set of five 4 x 7 cards found with a special edition UK widevision Movie Collection video tape set from 1999. Blank backed. Sticker calls them Space Ship Stills.

UK Widevision Generations Card Set

Found in the 1996 UK Generations Wide screen Special Collectors Edition video tape. The cards come sealed in an opaque envelope. Blank backed, measures 4 x 6.

UK DS9 Video Cards

  Set of 8 DS9 cards found in video tapes marked with a special sticker.  The cards measure 3.5 x 4.8 and were released in 1993.  Released by CIC.

WHSmith FC video Set

  Set of blank backed cards with images from First Contact. Came in a Sealed black envelope. Released in 2000, measure 4×6. UK WHSmith retailer exclusive when you bought the VHS.

CIC German Video Oversized Cards

This is a series of oversized, blank backed cards released with special videos in Germany. Each has facsimile autographs. 7 of 9 from Dark Frontier, Janeway from Equinox
Neelix from Workforce, Borg Queen from Unimatrix Zero

German 40th Anniversary video cards

  Set of 6 cards released in a 40th Anniversay video card set in Germany released by Entertainment Media in 2006. Cards are 5×7.