Star Trek Actor Cards

This section is terribly outdated. I stopped collecting Trek actor cards unless there was a specific Trek reference. I am including what I have here. If you have a list or images you’d like to see added here, drop me a note!
Thanks to Genny C for a more through look at Trek Actor cards. Click here to view/download the document:

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Mark Lenard Stardream One


Card B-8. Not much is known about this card. Back has actor information and credits. It was released in 1994. Measures 2 1/2 v 3 3/4

Amazing Heroes Walter Koenig


Released in 1993, the back of the card has text about his career. The card was packaged with the magazine Amazing Heroes Interviews #1.

High School Heroes Shatner and Kellerman


This set featured pictures of actors from the High School Yearbook with the school names and their after school activities. No direct Trek reference. It was released in 1993 by Freedom Press.

Who’s Who


A Canadian Trivia Game released in 1992 with a Star Trek card. The cards are 4×5 and have Trek Trivia on the back.

Kino Magazine ST Cards


Perforated cards, 4 to a sheet, inserted into the magazine with biographical details on back. They measure 4 x5 1/2 and were released in March, 1992.

Twilight Zone Trek Cards


Rittenhouse Archives released several actor cards from the TZ series that mention their Trek role on the back. 1999 Series One S-1, 2000 Series Two S-18, 2002 Series Three S-19, S22

X-Men Actor Cards


Cards 2, 4 and 11 from the Topps 2000 Xmen set mention Star Trek in the text.

Skybox B-5 DC Fontana Card


From the Writers and Directors insert set from SkyBox’s B-5 Profiles series released in 1999. The card mentions D. C. Fontana’s work on Star Trek.

Roswell Frakes Autograph


A1 autograph card with mention of Trek role on back from Inkworks.

Mexican Star Trek Actors cards


Cards 277 and 278. Blank backed  2 3/4 by 3 3/4. Part of a larger series of Actor cards.

MidWest Expo Conventions Signing Cards


These  cards were given out at the 2003 MWEXPO as cards that can be taken to various booths and autographed. The cards have actor information on back and make mention of their roles on ST. One card not shown is a variation of the Michael Forest card.

Old Yellow Eyes CD Card Set


Released in 1991 these  2 3/4 x4 cards were found randomly inserted into the CD’s. Biographical details on backs. Cards were numbered 1,2,3,4,5 of 5

Dead Zone Nicole DeBoer Card

  The 2004 Dead Zone set from Rittenhouse S2 insert card mentions Nichole DeBoer’s work on DS9

Booksmith-San Francisco Bookstore

  A Series of cards created for in-store actor signings. In 1995, they printed one for George Takei. 200 cards printed, 20 were signed at the time and kept by the store, 180 passed out to visitors.

Midwest Expo Robin Curtis Promo Card

  Promo card promoting the actor’s appearance at the Chicagoland Entertainment Collector’s Expo in 2005.

Personality Press Cards

Found in a series of biographical comics based on ST actors in 1992 and 1993. Several of the *limited edition* comics have a panel of 4 black and white drawing trading cards. Other *trading card* issues have color artwork trading cards,with yellow or  pink backs with text about the actors. There were also 6 trading card sets.  There were two Original Crew sets (I and II) and Two New Crew sets (I and II) There is also a signed by artist and numbered Original and New Crews I, each with a promo card, Sulu  and O’Brien. Some blank-backed single copies have been seen.

Strictly Ink’s CSI Card Set

  Released in 2004, cards 71 and 73 have references to the actor’s role in ST.

HollyWood Walk of Fame Cards

Released in 1991, this Skyline set had several Trek actor cards, 8, 99, 153, 157, 177, 192, 216 and 83. The front has a photo of the actor and the back has career highlights. Based on actors who have a star on the Walk of Fame Two of the cards can also be found in special holders with gold embossed signatures.

Wild Wild West Card Set

Cards Wild Wild West Card Set from the common set of the TV series, Wild Wild West. The back make mention of their work in Star Trek. Released by Rittenhouse Archives in 2000.

FX Convention Leonard Nimoy Card

  Autographed costume card of Leonard Nimoy by FX Conventions in 2009. Possibly 100-350 signed.Not sure if unsigned versions were distributed at the show.

UFO Sightings

  Card #42 details an experience with a UFO by William Shatner. Released in 1998. Came as a boxed set.


  Released by Overtime Concepts in 1992, card #70 features Deirdre Imershein, a stunt woman on TNG and appeared in an episode of DS9.



There are also a few Trek actor adult cards. Although I included them in the book (and they are on the checklist, I’ve opted not to include them on the webpage)