Star Trek 50th Anniversary Card Checklist

1 Where No Man Has Gone Before
2 Return to Tomorrow
3 Amok Time
4 By Any Other Name
5 Charlie X
6 The Trouble with Tribbles
7 The Naked Time
8 The City on the Edge of Forever
9 Where No Man Has Gone Before
10 Dagger of the Mind
11 Journey to Babel
12 This Side of Paradise
13 Errand of Mercy
14 Mirror, Mirror
15 Balance of Terror
16 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
17 The Menagerie
18 The Enterprise Incident
19 Amok Time
20 A Piece of the Action
21 Space Seed
22 The Enterprise Incident
23 The Devil in the Dark
24 The Gamesters of Triskelion
25 The City on the Edge of Forever
26 The Doomsday Machine
27 Whom Gods Destroy
28 Arena
29 Day of the Dove
30 The Cage
31 Plato’s Stepchildren
32 The Enemy Within
33 The Cage
34 TAS: Yesteryear
35 Encounter at Farpoint
36 Encounter at Farpoint
37 The Naked Now
38 The Measure of a Man
39 Best of Both Worlds
40 The Inner Light
41 Reunion
42 Sarek
43 Unification, Part 1
44 All Good Things…
45 The Perfect Mate
46 Relics
47 Darmok
48 I, Borg
49 Chain of Command, Part 2
50 Elementary, Dear Data
51 Unification, Part 2
52 Skin of Evil
53 The Naked Now
54 The Dauphin
55 The Offspring
56 The Emissary
57 Blood Oath
58 Little Green Men
59 The Muse
60 Trials and Tribble-ations
61 Tears of the Prophets
62 You Are Cordially Invited
63 Soldiers of the Empire
64 What You Leave Behind
65 Caretaker
66 Scorpion
67 Year of Hell
68 Bride of Chaotica
69 The Gift
70 Tuvix
71 Concerning Flight
72 End Game
73 Broken Bow
74 In a Mirror, Darkly: Part 2″
75 These Are the Voyages…
76 First Flight
77 Awakening
78 Unexpected
79 ST – The Motion Picture
80 ST – The Motion Picture
81 STII: The Wrath of Khan
82 STII: The Wrath of Khan
83 STII: The Wrath of Khan
84 STIII: The Search for Spock
85 STIII: The Search for Spock
86 STIII: The Search for Spock
87 STIV: The Voyage Home
88 STIV: The Voyage Home
89 STVI: The Undiscovered Country
90 STVI: The Undiscovered Country
91 ST Generations
92 ST Generations
93 ST Generations
94 ST First Contact
95 ST First Contact
96 ST First Contact
97 ST First Contact
98 ST Nemesis
99 ST Nemesis
100 ST Nemesis


 A01 Captain Kirk
 A02 Spock
 A03 Dr. McCoy
 A04 Scotty
 A05 Lt. Uhura
 A06 Lt. Sulu
 A07 Ensign Chekov
 A08 Yeoman Rand
 A09 Nurse Chapel
 A10 Captain Picard
 A11 Commander Riker
 A12 Lt. Commander Data
 A13 Lt. Worf
 A14 Counselor Troi
 A15 Dr. Crusher
 A16 Lt. Yar
 A17 Lt. Commander La Forge
 A18 Chief O’Brien
 A19 Wesley Crusher
 A20 Guinan
 A21 Dr. Pulaski
 A22 Q
 A23 Lwaxana Troi
 A24 Captain Sisko
 A25 Odo
 A26 Quark
 A27 Jake Sisko
 A28 Major Kira
 A29 Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax
 A30 Dr. Bashir
 A31 Lt. Ezri Dax
 A32 Leeta
 A33 Keiko O’Brien
 A34 Captain Janeway
 A35 Commander Chakotay
 A36 Lt. Commander Tuvok
 A37 Lt. Paris
 A38 Ensign Kim
 A39 The Doctor
 A40 Seven of Nine
 A41 Lt. Torres
 A42 Neelix
 A43 Kes
 A44 Captain Archer
 A45 Commander T’Pol
 A46 Dr. Phlox
 A47 Lt. Reed
 A48 Ensign Mayweather
 A49 Ensign Sato
 A50 Commander Tucker

Metal Cards

M1 Captain Kirk
M2 Spock
M3 Dr. McCoy
M4 Scotty
M5 Lt. Uhura
M6 Lt. Sulu
M7 Ensign Chekov
M8 Yeoman Rand
M9 Nurse Chapel
M10 Captain Picard
M11 Commander Riker
M12 Lt. Commander Data
M13 Lt. Worf
M14 Counselor Troi
M15 Dr. Crusher
M16 Lt. Yar
M17 Lt. Commander La Forge
M18 Wesley Crusher
M19 Guinan
M20 Dr. Pulaski
M21 Q
M22 Lwaxana Troi
M23 Captain Sisko
M24 Odo
M25 Quark
M26 Jake Sisko
M27 Major Kira
M28 Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax
M29 Chief O’Brien
M30 Dr. Bashir
M31 Lt. Ezri Dax
M32 Ensign Nog
M33 Keiko O’Brien
M34 Captain Janeway
M35 Commander Chakotay
M36 Lt. Commander Tuvok
M37 Lt. Paris
M38 Ensign Kim
M39 The Doctor
M40 Seven of Nine
M41 Lt. Torres
M42 Neelix
M43 Kes
M44 Captain Archer
M45 Commander T’Pol
M46 Dr. Phlox
M47 Lt. Reed
M48 Ensign Mayweather
M49 Ensign Sato
M50 Commander Tucker

Starfleet Captains

C1 Captain Pike
C2 Captain Kirk
C3 Captain Picard
C4 Captain Sisko
C5 Captain Janeway
C6 Captain Archer
C7 Captain Spock
C8 Captain Riker
C9 Captain Sulu
C10 Captain Decker
C11 Captain Terrell
C12 Captain Esteban
C13 Captain Styles
C14 Captain Harriman
C15 Captain Beverly Picard
C16 Captain Garrett
C17 Captain Maxwell
C18 Captain Hernandez
Star Trek Tech Evolution
E1 Phaser
E2 Phaser Rifle
E3 Communicator
E4 Tri-corder
E5 Transporter
E6 Warp Drive
E7 Shuttlecraft
E8 Environmental Suit
E9 Duty Uniform

Ships of the Line

 SL19 Enterprise
 SL20 Enterprise (Refitted)
 SL21 Enterprise NCC-1701-A
 SL22 Enterprise NCC-1701-D
 SL23 Enterprise NCC-1701-E
 SL24 Deep Space 9 Station / Runabout
 SL25 Defiant
 SL26 Voyager
 SL27 Enterprise NX-01

Phaser Cut Cards

PC1 Captain Kirk
PC2 Spock
PC3 Captain Picard
PC4 Commander Riker
PC5 Captain Sisko
PC6 Major Kira
PC7 Captain Janeway
PC8 Commander Chakotay
PC9 Captain Archer
PC10 Commander T’Pol
Commemorative Stamp Cards
 S1 Yellow Stamp
 S2 Red Stamp
 S3 Green Stamp
 S4 Blue Stamp

Relic Cards

 DRC1 Data and Dr. Soong
 DRC2 Romulans
 DRC3 Archer and T’Pol
 DRC4 Tucker and Archer
 DRC5 Sisko and Solok
 DRC6 Phlox and T’Pol
 DRC6v Phlox (Pattern) and T’Pol
RC1 Kirk
RC2 Spock
RC3 Uhura
RC4 Carol Marcus
RC5 McCoy
RC6 Saavik
RC7 Spock
RC8 Chekov
RC9 Scotty
 RC10 McCoy (multi color)
 RC10v McCoy (Pink)
 RC11 Picard (red)
 RC11 Picard (black)
 RC12 Riker
 RC13 Beverly Crusher (blue)
 RC13v Beverly Crusher (black)
 RC14 O’Brien (yellow)
 RC14v O’Brien (black)
 RC15 Guinan
 RC16 Picard
 RC17 Data
 RC18 Borg Queen
 RC19 Riker
 RC20 Picard
 RC21 Data
 RC22 Sisko (red)
 RC22v Sisko (black)
 RC22v1 Sisko (grey)
 RC23 Kira
 RC24 Worf
 RC25 Jadzia Dax
 RC26 Odo Rust
 RC26v Odo Brown
 RC27 Bashir
 RC28 O’Brien
 RC29 Ezri Dax
 RC30 Sisko
 RC31 Janeway
 RC32 Seven of Nine
 RC33 Chakotay
 RC34 Seven of Nine
 RC35 Neelix (1 color)
 RC35v Neelix (2 color)
 RC35v1 Neelix (ribbed)
 RC35v2 Neelix (5 color)
 RC36 Kes (pink)
 RC36v Kes (beige)
 RC37 Seven of Nine
 RC38 Kes
 RC39 Archer
 RC40 T’Pol
 RC41 Phlox
 RC42 Reed
 RC43 Archer
 RC44 T’Pol
 RC44v T’Pol (ribbed)
 RC45 Tucker (silver)
 RC45v Tucker (copper)
 RC46 Reed
 RC47 Phlox (black)
 RC47v Phlox (pattern)
 RC48 T’Pol
 RC49 Phlox (solid)
 RC49v Phlox (stripe)
 RC50 Mayweather

Aliens Expansion Autograph Cards

Bertila Damas as Sakonna Very Limited
Bertila Damas as Three of Nine Very Limited
Brian Markinson as Sulan Very Limited
Charles Dennis as Sunad Limited
Charlie Brill as Arne Darvin Very Limited
Christopher Carroll as Gul Benil Very Limited
Cindy Sorenson as Anya as Furry Animal Limited
Cindy Sorenson as Anya as Furry Animal Limited Griffo
Claire Rankin as Alice Limited
Cyia Batten as Navaar Very Limited
Dan Shor as Arridor Very Limited
David Clennon as Crell Moset Very Limited
David Huddleston as Conductor Very Limited
Deborah May as Lyris Limited
Doug Wert as Jack Crusher Limited
Doug Wert as Jack Crusher Limited 🙂
Erich Anderson as Commander Keiran MacDuff Limited
Fintan McKeown as Michael Sullivan Very Limited
Gary Graham as Tanis Limited
Gary Graham as Tanis Limited BLACK
Gerrit Graham as Quinn Limited
Gina Hecht as Manua Apgar Limited
Hilary Shepard as Hoya Limited
J. Paul Boehmer as One Very Limited
Jad Moger as Ensign Tabor Very Limited
Jaime Hubbard as Salia Very Limited
James Horan as Tosin Very Limited
James Nardini as Wixiban Very Limited
Joel Swetow as Ambassador Thoris Very Limited
Joel Swetow as Gul Jasad Limited
Joey Aresco as Brull Limited
Jonathan Frakes as Rivas Jakara Very Limited
Kaitlin Hopkins as Kilana Limited
Karen Landry as Ajur Very Limited
Kelly Connell as Sklar Limited
Kevin Conway as Kahless Limited
Kim Rhodes as Jhet’leya Very Limited
Lawrence Montaigne as Decius Very Limited
Lee Meriwether as Losira Limited
Lee Meriwether as Losira Limited SILVER
Leonard John Crofoot as Lal Very Limited
Lisa Kaminir as Lillias Limited
Lisa Wilcox as Yuta Limited
Lou Wagner as DiaMon Solok Limited
Madchen Amick as Teenage Anya Very Limited
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Daelen Limited
Melanie Smith as Tora Ziyal Very Limited
Michael Bailey Smith as Hanon IV Native
Michael Champion as Boratus Limited
Michael Corbett as Dr. Rabal Very Limited
Michael Nouri as Syrran Very Limited
Mike Genovese as Zef’No Very Limited
Robert Schenkkan as Lt. Cmdr Dexter Remmick Very Limited
Robert Schenkkan  Very Limited BLACK
Robin Curtis as Tallera Very Limited
Robin Sachs as General Valen Limited
Sandra Nelson as Marayna Very Limited
Sandy Gimpel as Talosian Very Limited
Scott MacDonald as Goran’Agar Very Limited
Tasia Valenza as T’Shanik Very Limited
Wade Williams as Garos Limited
Wayne Grace as Torak Very Limited
Wayne Thomas Yorke as Zet Limited
Wayne Thomas Yorke as Zet Limited Put Her Behind the …
Wayne Thomas Yorke as Zet Limited Get this hologram…
Wren T. Brown as Kohlar Limited
Zoe McLellan as Tal Celes Very Limited

Captain Autograph Cards

William Shatner as Captain Kirk
Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard
Avery Brooks as Captain Sisko
Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway
Scott Bakula as Captain Archer
Cut Signatures
Gene Roddenberry
Deforest Kelley
Mark Lenard

Sketch Cards

Irma Ahmed
Kristin Allen
Kyle Babbitt
Dan Bergen
Jomar Bulda
Carlos Cabalerio
Francois Chartier
Adam Cleveland
Roy Cover
Gabe Farber
Jim Faustino
Bien Flores
Andrew Garcia
Mick and Matt Glebe
Javier Gonzalez
Dan Gorman
Kevin Graham
Charles Hall
Scott Houseman
Debbie Jackson
Michael James
Frank Kadar
Jason Kemp
Achilleas Kokkinakis
Jim Kyle
Tim Levandoski
Lee Lightfoot
Jeff Mallinson
Warren Martineck
Shane McCormack
Chris Meeks
Rich Molinelli
Veronica O’Connell
Tanner Padlo
Kris Penix
Jason Potratz
Brent Ragland
Scott Rorie
Danny Silva
Emily Tester
Brad Utterstrom

Misc. items

Archer Captain’s Card Case Topper
 ERC1 6 CI Prop Relic – Piece of the Enterprise NCC1701-E
9 CI Dual Shatner/Stewart Autograph Card
TNG Rendered Art Metal Card of Q
Black Printer’s Plate
Cyan Printer’s Plate
Magenta Printer’s Plate
Yellow Printer’s Plate
Marked Archive Box
Marked Empty Archive Box
Empty Box
Full Box
Uncut Sheet
Full Pack
 E10 Dress Uniform Reward Card