New Card Sightings

This section is for cards recently discovered.  After a period of time, the cards will get moved into their proper section.

Although I am not a big fan of the GPK cards at all, to be fair, I must post what I’ve seen 😉 2016 GPK Prime Time Trashy.

  • White Border 7A of 8
  • Black Border 7B of 8
  • Red Border 7B of 8 x/75
  • Gold Border 7B of 8 x/50


The Destination Star Trek Europe convention offered cards to it’s package holders. Unlike earlier years, the cards are not made by Rittenhouse. The signed oversized card was handed out to the captain and admiral packages only. The set of cards was included in all packages (so lieutenant, commander, captain and Admiral).

Star Trek Timelines promo cards

A set of 26 cards, standard trading card sized, but thin. Released at Mission New York Set 2-4, 2016.

ST OFC Video card and box

From 1993, this card can inside a video box (unsure of what video as it wasn’t included.

IMDB Heroes and Villains Comic Con Card


 star-trek-card-imdb 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 very thin cardstock or paper. IMDB offered packs of general sci fi cards in a Heroes and Villains set, two of which are Star Trek.

New Rittenhouse Reward card available:


 star-trek-card-pamela-segall This card was originally intended to be released with the CTNG card set. But, there was some concern on if the actress actually signed the card. Rittenhouse felt confident she had, but to be safe it was pulled. They have now decided to release the card as a rewards card so
 Order the card here


Caesar’s Star Trek Beyond Room Key


 Star Trek Beyond Casers Room Key Card 2 1/8 by 3/14 plastic room key card

7 of 9 Promo card


 star-trek-card-frontiers-promo Star Trek Frontiers Board Game 7 of 9 promo card. Standard card sized with rounded corners. Unsure if this differs from any cards offered in the set.

Dave and Buster cards


Dave and Buster cards. Part of the Star Trek arcade game. You push the tokens and cards into a slot to ‘win’ the cards, which can be redeemed for prizes.  So far there have been a TOS set and a TNG set. There are 7 regular cards and one rare cards for each. Many of the cards have flaws from being in the machine. Also from Dave and Busters, a Power card, used to track your token balance and such.  In Feb 2017, they released a Captain’s Set and in  an Animated Series Set.

Steelbook Lenticular Magnet


 trekmovielenticular Advertised as a steelbook (blue ray discs that come in metal jackets) lenticular, this one is really nice but likely not official. 5 1/4 by 6 1/2