Star Trek 50th Anniversary Card Set

 50th Anniversary Card Set


Release Date: January 18, 2017
5 Cards Per Pack
24 Packs Per Box
Production Run-8,000

Card Images

Set Composition


Base Set-100 Artifex Cards-50 1:24
Metal Cards-50  1:24 Starfleet Captains-18 1:48
Tech Evolution-18  1:48 Ships of the Line-9  1:96
Phaser Cut-10  1:288 Stamp Cards-4 1:576
Relic Cards-56  1:24 Alien Autograph Cards-60 1:12
Captain Autographs-5  1:288 Sketch Cards-40 1:576
Tester Original Artwork-50  1:4320

Base Set

The 50th Anniversary for Star Trek arrived in September 2016. Some technical delays pushed the release of the set until January 2017. The set was a premium product, more expensive then the usual product, but this premium was seen in every aspect of the set. The base set is on thick card stock, with a silver foil. The theme of the base set is Star Trek’s Greatest Moments from all the series and moves 1-10.


  • Emily Tester produced 50 sketch cards of the main crew from each series.  The sketches were turned into a reproduced artifex set. The original sketches are seeded at around 1 per 15 cases.
  • 50 colorful metal cards are found at one per case. They also make the set heavy! They feature the greatest heroes of Star Trek.
  • The 18 Captain card insert set is a glossy silver foiled insert set of many of the captains in all series and movies.
  • 9 Starfleet Tech Evolution cards show similar technologies from each series. For example, the transporter seen in each series is in a small picture on the card.
  • The 10 Phaser Cut cards are on thin card stock. The facial images is made with a bunch of small squares cut into the card and the name is also cut out. It showcases the captains and first officers.
  • 9 card Ships of the Line set has one of each of the Enterprises plus Voyager, DS9 and a few others.
  • For the 50th Anniversary, the USPS put out 4 commemorative stamps. Rittenhouse inserted them into a black card with a silver foil edging.
  • There are 50 single and 6 dual costume cards. The costumes are inserted into booklets. The left side of the booklet has a full color image of the character wearing the outfit and the right side has the costume swatch. A work in progress list of the variations is on the checklist.
  • Sketch cards from 40 different artists are seeded at 1 per case. There are some familiar names and a few new ones. See the checklist for a full list of artists.
  • There are three types of autographs. The first is the Captain’s Cards. There are 5, one for Stewart, Shatner, Bakula, Mulgrew and Brooks. Then there are 60 Alien Expansion autographs. These use the format from the Aliens card set Rittenhouse released. The third are the cut signature cards. There are 3, Roddenberry (x/30), DeForest Kelley (x/50) and Lenard (x/33). Because of the types of signatures Rittenhouse was able to aquire, the Kelley and Lenard cards are oversized at 5×7 and redemption cards were put into packs for those cards.

Autograph Variations

  • Lee Merriweather has a blue and silver version
  • Dough Wert has a variation with a smilie face
  • Gary Graham has a blue and black version
  • Robert Schenkkan has a blue and black version
  • Wayne Thomas Yorke had two variations with quotes. One was “Put her behind the force field” and the other was “Get this hologram off of me.”
  • Cindy Sorenson signed a few with the last name of Griffo.

Promo Cards

  • P1 General Distribution
  • P2 NonSport Update Magazine Vol 27 No. 6 Dec/Jan 2017
  • P3 Albums Exclusive
  • P4 Convention

Misc Items

  • Archer Captain’s Card Case Topper. SkyBox released a series of 4 Captain’s Cards in TOS 3, Voy Profiles, DS9 MFTF, and TNG Season 7. Since Enterprise came later, it never had one, Rittenhouse produced this card in the same style/format of the earlier cards to round out the set.
  • The 6-Case Incentive is a Prop Relic – a piece of the Enterprise NCC1701-E. It is a thick booklet that opens up to show the relic on the right and an image of the ship on the left.
  • The 9-case incentive is a dual signed autograph card from Stewart and Shatner. The style is similar to the 35th Anniversary autographs and has a copyright date of 2004.
  • Sealed Marked Archive box. It contains sets of the Artifex cards, Ships of the Line, Phase Cut, Starfleet Captain’s, Commemorative Stamps and Star Trek Evolution. There are a minimum of 40 Alien Autographs. It has all 5 Captain autographs and all 6 Dual relic cards. It has the case topper and 6-case incentive card, along with 2 sketch cards. There is a set of 4 printing plates used to make one of the base sets, which are exclusive to the archive box. Lastly, it included a set of the promo cards.
  • Binder with P3 promo card