Miscellaneous Rittenhouse Cards

This section is for cards released by Rittenhouse not directly related to any one set. Not *worthy* of a chapter all to itself….

Set of 9 Trek models from AMT. Each comes with a Rittenhouse trading card. The cards are randomly inserted.  The 9 cards form a puzzle back.  Cards 1, 4, 6 were produced in double the quantities of  2, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9.

Jeri Ryan/Lucy Lawless Dual autograph card
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In 2005, Rittenhouse released a dual autograph of Jeri Ryan and Lucy Lawless card showing the TV Guide they were both featured on. The card could be ordered directly from RA or any of their dealers.It was limited to 500 signatures and retailed for $200.For variant lovers, Lucy Lawless had some with her signature horizontal and some more vertical.

In 2010, the webstore for Leonard Nimoy at etsty.com called Secret Selves offered a free autograph card of Leonard Nimoy produced special by Rittenhouse Archives. To get the free card, all you had to do was purchase a special t-shirt for less then $30. There were a few color variations and Rittenhouse acquired a small amount which they sleeved with their special sticker.

Each year there are Trek conventions in London and Germany called the Destination Star Trek. The three top tier (and expensive) tickets included a unique promo card from Rittenhouse Archives and and autograph card.

  • In 20012, London Destination had 3 Rittenhouse trading cards and 3 larger postcard sized card (not produced by Rittenhouse. Later it was determined that Rittenhouse also made standard trading cards, but the cards were not used and can be found blank. At this same convention, Manu Intiraymi signed a Rittenhouse autograph card that was eventually released in ST Aliens.
  • February 2013 a second Destination convention was held in Germany.The cards were given as exclusives for the various ticket packages. 3 of the cards are autograph cards that were pre-signed and handed out with their tickets.
    • DSTG4 was given to silver ticket holders. (cost=200 euros)
    • DSTG1 and DSTG5 were given to gold ticket holders. (cost=300 euros)
    • DSTG2 and DSTG6 were given to platinum ticket holders. (cost=900 euros)
    • DSTG3 and DSTG7 were given to the VIP ticket holders (cost=3000 euros)
  • In October 2014, Rittenhouse produced some more cards for the Destination conventions. They were offered to various levels of tickets
    • The DTS3-006 Enterprise crew promo came with the silver package
    • The DTS3-005 Nemesis Wedding TNG crew promo came with the Gold Package
    • The DTS3-004 Plato’s Stepchildren promo came with the platinum package
    • The DTS3-003 Search for Spock promo card came with the VIP package
    • The DTS3-002 Chase Masterson signed card came with the Platnium package
    • The DTS3-001 Armin Shimemrman Autograph card came with the VIP Package
    • A last card, not produced by Rittenhouse was for a costume record breaking attempt.


On May 17, 2013, Rittenhouse released the Star Trek Movies Trading Card Collectors Set.This set included a 9-card set featuring characters from the movie and two autographed costume cards for Quinto and Pine, each hand numbered to 250.The two relic cards share the same number if purchased as a set.
A variation exists with the Quinto costume card, perhaps around 10 include the sleeve stripes.


In 2014. Sherry Jackson offered at conventions and on her website, www.sherryjackson.net, a Rittenhouse Archives Star Trek card. The card is unnumbered and the quantity she received isn’t known. Please note, sincerely  is spelled incorrectly on this card at the author’s request.