Voyager Heroes and Villains

Voyager Heroes and Villains


 voyhandvfirst Release Date: June 25, 2014
5 Cards Per Pack
24 Packs Per Box
Production Run-6,000

Card Images

Set Composition

Base Set-99 Gold Parallel cards-99 1:24
Black Gallery card-9  1:24 Autograph Cards-69 1:8
Black Gold Gallery Cards-9  1:288 Relationship Cards-24  1:12
Relationship Parallel cards-24  1:144 Aliens Cards-11 1:24
Sketch Cards-35 Artists  1:288

Base Set

On August 5th, 2015, Voyager Heroes and Villains released. Similar to the previous Heroes and Villains cards, each card featured one character per card, blue for Heroes and red for Villains. The base set is 99 cards.


      • A 24-card silver foil Relationship set. Each card shows either a romantic relationship or a friendship with 3 images on the front and an image with text on the back.
      • An 11-card Aliens insert set. They are a red foil card and have 3 aliens on the front and 3 on the back. There is no text beyond the name of the alien races 
      • The 9-black gallery cards are a black matte finish character card for each of the main crew members.
      • Parallel cards make up a good portion of this set. First, there is the base parallel cards. They are on a matte card stock and gold foil numbered x/100.
      • The relationship parallel singles are gold foiled and stamped x/75.
      • The next tier of parallel cards are the black gold gallery cards. They are a thick silver meta card with a gold hue to the characters. They are numbered x/100.
      • As with Aliens, this set has colored, unique sketchcards seeded at about 1 per case.
        Charendoff says, “The sketch cards for Voyager have been extremely well received. Collectors seems more and more interested today in one-of-a-kind items, or at least extremely rare items, so these sketch cards deliver on that. No two cards are quite the same. It’s a big step up from where we were with the TOS sketches, which I personally like very much, too. But the TOS sketches were mostly all the same, even if they were hand-drawn, for each episode. Still, it’s quite an accomplishment to collect all 79 episode/sketch cards from TOS. With Voyager, and soon to be with TNG, you can literally continue to collect these sketches forever without getting duplicates. That’s very cool!”
        Along with a list of sketch artists, Rittenhouse released artist rarities and a key.
        <=25 = (Scarce) / 25-50 = (Extremely Limited) / 50-75 = (Very Limited) / 75+ = (Limited) :
        The artists for Voyager Heroes and Villains is as follows:
      • Irma Ahmed S
      • Kristin Allen EL
      • Jeffrey Benitez EL
      • Daniel Borgonos S
      • Leon Braojos EL
      • Jomar Bulda S
      • Daniel Campos EL
      • Francois Chartier S
      • Roy Cover VL
      • John Czop S
      • David Day EL
      • Bien Flores EL
      • Javier Gonzalez L
      • Daniel Gorman S
      • Chris Hoffman S
      • Michael James S
      • Laura Inglis EL
      • John Jackman S
      • Debbie Jackson S
      • Achilleas Kokkinakis EL
      • Lee Lightfoot EL
      • Jeff Mallinson EL
      • Chris Meeks EL
      • Rich Molinelli S
      • Sean Moore S
      • Tanner Padlo S
      • Mary Jane Pajaron S
      • Gener Pedrina EL
      • Sean Pence S
      • Connie Faye EL
      • Brent Ragland S
      • Scott Rorie EL
      • Danny Silva S
      • Judit Tondora S
      • Helga Wojik EL



      • The set has 69 pack inserted autograph cards. Included are a full compliment of main cast member autographs. The guest star list included first time signer Jason Alexander. The Aliens version of his autograph, which wasn’t ready in time for release in that set, is included in the archive box. Charendoff stated that “I wanted to have something special in the Archive Box and something special in the regular packs/boxes, since you could not get both cards in both places. I think it added value to have the two different cards.”

Autograph Variations

      • McKenize Westmore signed some of her cards with a small heart and some in cursive.
      • Wren T. Brown signed some of his cards with one of two quotes “Put her behind the force filed” and “Get this hologram off of me!”.
      • Gerrit Graham added “Quinn” to some of his.



      • P1 (general distribution)
      • P2 from NSU Vol 25 No. 3
      • Binder exclusive P3

Misc. Items

    • A digital only sell sheet
    • Album with exclusive promo card (P3)
    • Marked Archive boxes as dealer incentives (unknown quantity). It includes 15 randon base parallel singles,. 68 autograph cards (no Jason Alexander card), the relationship insert sett, alien insert set, and the black gallery insert set. It also includes 1 random sketch card, 7 of 9 archive exclusive card, Jason Alexander costume card, the 6 and 9 case incentive card, 76 autograph cards, a set of the case topper cards.
    • Two Case Topper cards- CT1 Heroes Montage, CT2-Villains Montage.
    • The 6-case incentive card is a Jeri Ryan silver signature autograph card.
    • The 9-case incentive card is a Jeri Ryan/Kate Mulgrew dual autograph card.