TOS Portfolio Prints Set

TOS Portfolio Prints Set



Release Date: June 25, 2014
5 Cards Per Pack
24 Packs Per Box
Production Run-7,500

Card Images

Set Composition

Base Set-80 Animated Series-22 1:12
Gold Signature Parallel-80  1:24 Autograph Parallel-80 1:48
Bridge Crew Portrait-7  1:24 Bridge Crew Parallel Set-7  1:144
Bridge Crew Abstracts-9  1:24 Sketchcards-50 1:24
Autograph Cards-20  1:24

Base Set

On June 25, 2014, Rittenhouse released TOS Portfolios prints. Sort of a sister set to the TOS Arts and Images released in 2005. The base set was he base set created from poster art by Juan Ortiz. The original poster set was made for There was one card for every episode, including the two part episode of the “The Menagerie”. The fronts feature the poster art while the backs have a plot synopsis.


  • A gold embossed facsimile signature parallel of the base set. It was the same as the base set except for the addition of the gold signature on the front and was on thicker card stock. They are gold stamped x/150.
  • The autographed parallel set was personally signed by Juam Ortiz on the front, was on slightly thicker card stock as the base set and the backs all had the same quote discussing what inspired the artwork used on the poster cards. The cards have the watermarking on the back for the autographs. It also used a different numbering scheme, JOA1-JOA80. They are signed in blue ink and were seeded about 1 every other box.
  • There was a 7-card foil Bridge Crew Portrait set, with artowrk of a close up of the Crew member on the front and a full body view on the back.
  • A variation of this set was also found in packs at around 1:144 packs. On this card, the background was on gold foil, the fronts and backs were reversed and it used a different numbering scheme, RAA1-RAA7. They are foil stamped x/250.
  • Another subset is the Star Trek Bridge Crew Abstract cards U1-U9. The back are puzzle pieces, making up an image of Kirk and Spock.
  • The subset Animated Series Artowrk is a set of 22 art cards from the Animated Series done up by Juan Ortiz, also as posters for The back have plot synopsis for the animated episodes.
  • Finally, after a decade of waiting. Season Two and Three sketchcards make an appearance in this set!. There are 50 sketches, one for each episode and limited to 200 or less. They are hand drawn by several artists in pencil and feature either a scene or character from each episode. Haun’s sketch, Plato’s Stepchildren is hand numbered x/100.

Sketch Card Variants

7 of the sketches have a variant image found only in the archive box.These are:

    • Plato’s Stepchildren by John Czop
    • Spectre of the Gun by Todd Smith
    • For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky by Darren Chandler
    • The Ultimate Computer by Brian Kong
    • Catspaw by John Czop
    • The Way to Eden by Dan Day
    • Patterns of Force by Brian Kong

A very small number of these archive only cards were seeded into packs. To keep the overall numbers at x/200 (on average), the non-archive variants of these cards are slightly harder to find.


  • There were also a few error cards. These were cards with an image on the wrong card. One example is an unknown number of Day’s Journey to Babell drawn on The Deadly Years card.
  • The final insert set is the autographs. There are 20 hand signed autograph cards (no stickers!). Two are EL’s, meaning less than 200. These are William Shatner and Yvonne Craig. In an unusual change of pace, most of the bridge crew is seeded at VL levels. The bridge crew cards feature a new design/layout and look quite nice. The rest of the cards feature the standard TOS autograph design.

Autograph Variants

  • Nichelle Nichols signed in both blue and black ink. The black is slightly less common.


  • The P1 is for general distribution
  • The P2 is found in NSU’s Vol 25 No.3 issue has an exclusive P2 promo card.
  • The P3 promo card was an album exclusive.
  • The P4 was the Spring 2014 Philly Show exclusive.

Misc. Items

  • No sell sheet, though a digital version is available online.
  • Album with exclusive promo card (P3).
  • Marked and unmarked archive box (unknown quantity). They contained all pack pulled cards, except the gold parallel set; it had 25 of 80 and 5 autographed parallel.
  • The Case Topper cards were a set of 2 portrait cards, either the USS Enterprise or the Romulon Warbird and one or the other was found one per case. They are numbered x/400.
  • The 6-case incentive card was a painted art sketchcards. Each card was unique but fell into one of three overall categories, Ships of Star Trek by Charles Hall, Ships of Star Trek by Mick or Matt Glebe and The Cage by Charles Hall. Charles Hall also offered Artist Return cards. These blank cards were given to the artists as part of their payment for creating the sketches. The back of these cards is unique and has the word artist return on it.
  • The 9-case incentive card is a dual signed autograph card of WIlliam Shatner and Leonard Nimoy (DA32)