Star Trek Movies 2014

Star Trek Movies



Release Date: February 26, 2014
5 Cards Per Pack
24 Packs Per Box
Production Run-10,000

Card Images

Set Composition

Base Set-110 Into Darkness Silver-110 1:2
Into Darkness Gold-110  1:24 2009 Star Trek Movie Cards-110 1:3
2009 Star Trek Movie Silver-110  1:12 2009 Star Trek Movie Gold-110  1:24
Fold-Outs-9  1:24 Uniform Relic Cards-12 1:96
Uniform Badge Cards-24  1:60 Autograph Cards-34 1:12

Base Set

In 2014, Rittenhouse released a blended Star Trek Movies set. It featured both the 2009 and 2013, each with it’s own 100 card base set. The original 2009 card set was released at the same time as a movie. Sets that release like this usually don’t have CGI images as part of the set. This allowed Rittenhouse to add CGI scenes and offer a full movie synopsis. The 2009 set takes about 1 case of cards to put together. The 2013 base set is also fully fleshed out and is inserted at the usual common set insertion ratio.There are design differences between the two sets. The 2013 set has a blue back with small numbers. The 2009 set has an orange back with large numbers. Steve Charendoff of Rittenhouse Archives had this to say about the movies set:
“This set was quite a lot of fun to work on, since it really was two sets in one. We gave nearly equal prominence to both of the new movies, and we were able to tell the complete stories of these movies through our cards. It’s unusual to have that opportunity, since most movie card sets are released right around the time of a particular film’s theatrical release. With Star Trek, though, the fans and collectors are so passionate that the timing is not nearly so important. We were able to release this card set long after the first movie and still long after the second. We included virtually every scene from both films, which is also unusual. This was simply the way movie card sets should be made – not scrambling to get photos at the last minute, missing scenes, scenes that eventually may get cut out of the film, etc. However, because we were featuring two movies in one card set, I don’t anticipate repeating this (for Star Trek) anytime too soon. It’s an unusual situation.
In terms of specific elements of this set, I think the parallels add a very cool, collectible element that makes it lots of fun to collect. More importantly, I was very excited to get cooperation from Benedict Cumberbatch, Alice Eve and Peter Weller, in particular, since they were the key guest stars of the new movie. Obviously, Cumberbatch was special, since he was playing the most iconic Star Trek villain of all time. Eve’s characters had, of course, already been established in the classic films, and adding her father lends some greater depth to the mythology, as opposed to just any other characters brought in for the sake of making a new movie. I’m always impressed when the writers for Star Trek are able to expand and elaborate on the existing mythology. It shows that they understand the franchise and why all of us are so passionate about it. The depth of the storytelling, and the excellence of the storytelling, and the relationships among the characters are what makes Star Trek so much more compelling than any other science fiction franchise.
I’m eager to see what comes out of the next film, and to get the opportunity to make the trading cards for that new film.”


  • This set took collecting, especially for completionists to a new level. The cost of a full master set was double the cost of previous sets. A complete set nearly fills two large (3 inch) binders. There was both a silver and a gold parallel set for the 2009 and 2013 set. The silver set was silver foiled with silver machine stamped lettering x/200. The gold set was machine stamped x/100. Originally intended to be limited to 25, the set was raised to be about 1 per box.
    An active trading thread popped up on the Rittenhouse Web forums where collectors tried to help each other finish these large sets, causing Charendoff to proclaim “This is one of the most gratifying and impressive blogs I have ever seen in the hobby. It’s really so cool that so many people have been able to trade cards and help each other finish these very ambitious Star Trek Movies sets. Keep it up!!”
  • The 9-card subset Into Darkness Fold-Out set featured the main crew in a card that is twice as high as a standard card and folds over. The character itself then *pops* out to stand upright. They were seeded 1 per box.
  • There were 24 uniform badge cards. The badges feature pips, pins and badges. These are not movie worn but are very detailed replicas and look quite nice! They were machine numbered x/250.
    The set also feature “costume relic” cards containing, according to the back, authentic wardrobe material. Each is machine numbered x/300.
  • Autographs round out this Movies set. It has a new Pine and Quinto autograph and a blending of signatures form both movies. Two cards, (Gatt and Taraby) have both a portrait and landscape version. Alice Eve’s card sold well for a Very Limited autograph card.
  • Ben Cross had this to say on his Flashback page: “Spent most of today signing Star Trek trading cards. 500 so far. Only another 300 to go. Will have to complete tomorrow. Don’t know if any of my fans ever had to personally sign so many times (travellers checks?) but it ends up like your signature has been forged by an alien on LSD. Like a parrot has thrown up ink all over your photograph and walked through it to add further insult. I don’t know who I am any more.”


  • P1 is for general distribution.
  • NSU’s Vol 125 No. 4 issue has an exclusive P2 promo card.
  • The P3 promo card was an album exclusive.

Misc. Items

  • Album with exclusive promo card (P3)
  • Dealer incentive archive box (unknown quantity). It includes all pack pulled cards except for a full base set of the 2013 base set and 20 silver (10 from each of the two sets) and 10 gold (5 from the two sets) cards. All incentive cards (case, 6 and 9 case cards.) and promos. It took 3 boxes, shrink wrapped together, to make one archive *box*.
  • Two Case Toppers, Enterprise from the 2009 Movie and the 2013 Movie.
  • The 6-case incentive card is a Simon Pegg autographed costume card)
  • The 9-case incentive card is an autograph card of Benedict Cumberbatch. It was reported at the time that the card shown at the Philly Show was a portrait version, not the landscape one used in the set, so another card should be released in the future.
  • The rewards card is a 10th fold out insert card of Chekov in a red shirt. (F10))