Star Trek Aliens Card Set

Star Trek Aliens Card Set


Release Date: November 19, 2014
5 Cards Per Pack
24 Packs Per Box
Production Run-7,500

Card Images

Set Composition

Base Set-100 Gold Parallel cards-100 1:2
Alien Stickers-18  1:16 2009 Star Trek Movie Cards-110 1:3
First Appearance-9  1:24 Quotable Klingon-9  1:24
Alien Ships-10  1:24 Autograph Cards-76 1:8
Sketchcards-30  1:288 Badge Cards-6 1:288

Base Set

Rumors had long swirled around a potential Aliens set and finally in November 2014, Rittenhouse shipped Star Trek Aliens. The set features aliens from each series and the TOS and TNG movies. One alien (or race) was featured per card, with one large and two small images on the front. The back had text and two more images. There were 100 cards in all.


  • A 9 card quotable Klingon set with Klingon text on front and back with a silver embossing.
  • There were 18 Alien sticker cards, similar to the Topps cards from the 70’s
  • A 9-card die-cut First Appearances set promoting, obviously, the first time key aliens ever showed in Star Trek.
  • A 9-card Alien ships set with silver embossing and glossy stock with just title text on back.
  • There is also a gold stamped numbered x/100 parallel base set for completionists to chase after. It is on the same glossy card stock as the base set.
  • Each box contained three autographs, with a total of 76 in-pack autographs. There were several first time signers, but the most coveted of all was Whoppi Goldberg. Rittenhouse finally acquired this often requested signature after years of trying. Whoppi posted this to her Facebook page as part of her *proof of signing*
    It is evident in the video of at least two other formats of her autograph card, so exepct more to come! Charendoff says, “Getting Whoopi finally to agree to sign cards for us was HUGE! I had been trying to get her to sign cards since I was at Fleer/SkyBox in the late 1990’s, so we’re talkin’ about nearly 20 years. Honestly, I don’t quite know what changed her mind, but I’ve learned over the years that patience and persistence can pay off. It’s one of the nice things about working on the Star Trek cards, because we have that luxury of time to make good things happen. There are so many actors across all of the various Star Trek TV shows and movies to keep each new series of autograph cards fresh and exciting. But in the end, Whoopi was a major coup for us, and for me personally. I take it as a personal challenge.”  Daniel Davis was another eagerly awaited first time signers.
  • Seeded at one per case, Aliens also had badge cards. There were 6 total (5 badge cards and one Latnium Bar card). The cards were extremely thick with the badge inset into the middle of the card. The badges, especially for the IDIC were very well done.


Badge Card Variants

  • The Borg Badge card came in two colors, black and red and were fairly evenly distributed.

Autograph Variants



  • P1 (general distribution)
  • P2 (released at the 2014 Fall Philly Show)
  • The binder exclusive P3
  • P4 was offered to buyers of the 2014 Card Collective.

Misc. Items

  • A digital only sell sheet
  • Album with exclusive promo card (P3)
  • Marked Archive boxes as dealer incentives (unknown quantity.) The box includes 20 random base parallel singles,. 6 relic cards, the sticker insert set, the ships set, quotable Klingons insert set, and the first appearances insert set. It also includes 1 random sketch card, 76 autograph cards and a set of the case topper cards. Finally, it has 3 promo cards and an archive exclusive costume card.
  • Two Case Topper cards by John Ortiz. CT1-Borg Poster. CT2-Klingon Poster.
  • The 6-case incentive card is an Aliens sketchcard by Warren Martinek.
  • The 9-case incentive card is an Aliens sketchcard by Mick or Matt Glebe.