TOS Remastered Card Set

TOS Remastered Card Set

tosrefirstRelease Date: January 1, 2011
5 Cards Per Pack
24 Packs Per Box
Production Run-6,000

Card Images

Set Composition

Base Set-81 Tribute Cards-18 1:6
Creature Cards-9  1:8 SkyMotion 1:180
Elan of Troyus-9  1:24  Ships in Motion-9  1:24
Parallel Cards-81  1:3 Autograph Cards-26  1:10

Base Set

As part of the 40th Anniversary, CBS Paramount Television began work on a digital remastering of TOS. The changes included new visual special effects, upgraded computer generated ship scenes for the Enterprise, Romulon Warbird and Klingon Bird of Prey, new matte paintings and music. The episodes were also upgraded to High Def. This of course called for new cards showcasing these new effects. Enter TOS Remastered. This 81 card base set is heavy on scenes and ships in their new CGI glory.


  • As a surprise, RA released a parallel set to the common set, gold foiled with a soft-touch matte. It takes about a case to make a full set.
  • 18 Tribute cards, continuing the look at actors who have passed away.
  • 9 card Creature set, of popular aliens in TOS.
  • Back when SkyBox was creating their popular TOS I II and III episode set, there were a few actors who hadn’t agreed to be used on cards, so some of the episode cards were created without these iconic characters, such as Charlie and Harry Mudd. Since that time, Rittenhouse was able to acquire the rights to those actor’s images and has redone some of those same episode cards with new images. For TOS Remsatered, RA added images of Elaan of Troyius the 9-card Elaan of Troyius Revised insert set. Following the SkyBox pattern, there are 3 common cards, two character logs, two behind the scenes card, one profile card and one gold plaque card.
  • 9 lenticular cards featuring Star Trek ships in motion.
  • This set featured both single and double autographs, all popular pairings in Trek, such as Spock and Chapel, Chekov and Koenig. All told, there were 15 double and 11 single autograph cards and came 1 double and 1 single autograph card per box.
    Pre-release of the set (as in subject to change, Rittenhouse stated the odds of finding a “The Shatner/Luna and Nimoy/Barrett will be EACH found approx. every 4th case. “


  • P1 for general distribution.
  • P2 for NSU (found in Vol 21 No.6 issue.
  • The P3 promo card was an album exclusive.
  • P4 was from the Fall Philly 2010 Show.

Misc. Items

  • Album with exclusive promo card (P3)
  • Marked archive boxes (unknown quantity). Does not contain a complete common and parallel set.
  • The Case Topper card is the RL10, the Doomsday Machine lenticular card.
  • The 3-case incentive card is a Nichelle Nichols autograph card-A248. (found randomly at the bottom of some boxes).
  • The 6-case incentive card is an autograph card of Leonard Nimoy-A 200 (found randomly at the bottom of some boxes).
  • Rittenhouse Rewards Card RL11 Shuttlebay
  • Rittenhouse Rewards Card T37 William Campbell Tribute Card. Campbell passed away sHortly before the release of the product, too late to be included in the set, but Rittenhouse wanted to honor him and his contributions with this card.