Complete Movies Card Set

Complete Movies Card Set

cmRelease Date: November 8, 2007
7 Cards Per Pack
24 Packs Per Box
Production Run-10,000 Boxes

Card Images

Set Composition

Base Set-90 Plot Synopsis-30 1:8
Profiles-20  1:12 Character Logs-10 1:24
Behind the Scenes-10  1:24 Gold Plaque Cards-10 1:24
Lenticular Cards-10  1:24  Costume Cards-16  1:12
Khitomer Banners-4  1:24 Autograph Cards-39  1:12

Base Set

All 10 Star Trek Movies are featured in this Complete Movies Set. There are 9 cards for each movie and the backs feature puzzle cards that form into Movie Posters for each of the 10 movies. The layout and colors of the base sets are eye catching and the images are crisp and clear. Production run was 10,000 boxes. Each box has 24 packs with seven cards per pack and includes two costume cards and two autographs in each box. Small, but mighty!
The middle card of the movie poster cards from the common set don’t have a number printed on them


  • The format of the insert set parallels the set Steve Charendoff created while at SkyBox with Character Log, Behind the Scenes, Profiles and Gold Plaque cards from the TOS One-Three sets.
  • Plot Synopsis insert cards
  • 10 Lenticular cards, one per movie.
  • There are 16 costume cards. Many of the costumes used in the this set were purchased at the 40th Anniversary Star Trek Christie’s auction. Rittenhouse’s website hosts images of the costumes prior to their use in the card set. The cards are individually numbered with a foil stamp on the back and vary from x/701-1701 (see checklist). Steve Charendoff from Rittenhouse was asked whether there was any pain in the cutting up of the costumes they won at Christies. “Only a little pain, but I don’t think there was too much that we cut up that was so unique or rare either. We specifically chose items that we’d be more comfortable cutting up. There is a limit to how far I will go in pursuit of costume cards.”
  • Four costume cards were made from the banners featured in Camp Khitomer in ST VI: The Undiscovered Country. These were found about 2 per case and are numbered x/575.
  • 39 Autograph cards round out the pack inserted chase cards for this set. These full bleed autograph cards also compliment the SkyBox TOS set and feature many signers not seen before, along with some old favorites. Collins, Montalban, McDowel, Harve Bennett, Lloyd, Picardo and Auberjonois are Very Limited.

Costume Variations

  • A few of the costume cards can be found with different color swatches. Please see the Gallery section of the Chapter and the checklist for the color variations found in a few of the costumes.
  • Each of the Khitomer banners have several color variations.
  • The MC2 Spock card as a more subtle variant, either a velvet texture or a more mesh texture.


  • P1 General Distribution promo card
  • P2 NSU promo card
  • P3 Binder exclusive promo card
  • CP1 Convention promo card
  • CP2 Allentown Promo card
  • FX1 Canadian Expo Convention promo card

Misc. Items

  • A sell sheet
  • Binder
  • 2-case incentive card of George Takei autograph
  • 6-case incentive card of William Shatner autograph
  • 2 case toppers (one per case) of the Movie posters for ST XI
  • The Archive Box contains all of the pack inserted autograph cards, chase cards (including the patch cards), case topper and 3-case incentive card. It does not however contain a base set of cards and the 6-case incentive card.