DS9 Quotable

DS9 Quotable Card Set

Release Date: August 12, 2007
5 Cards Per Pack
36 Packs Per Box
Production Run-6,000

Card Images

Set Composition

Base Set-108 Space the Final Frontier-9 1:8
Comic Book Cards-9  1:36 TV Guide Cover Cards-9 1:20
Starfleet Finest-9  1:120  Costume Cards-21  1:20
Autograph Cards-15  1:40

Base Set

If quotes are what appeal to you, then this set is full of goodies. The base set has 108 cards, double sided with quotes, similar in lay-out to the earlier TNG and TOS Quotable sets. There are no checklist cards for this set.


  • 9-card Final Frontier mural set and Comic Book cards that open to display panels from actual comic books and were found about 1 per box.
  • 9 TV Guide cover cards. Early versions of the checklists listed these cards as T1-T9, but the actual numbering is DSN1-DSN9.
  • There were 9 Starfleet Finest Cards, numbered to 399.
  • There were 15 autograph cards, Five used the Quotable Autograph format, the rest were the full-bleed style, using the CDS9 style and logo. Cirroc Lofton’s card is numbered A18.
  • Each starring crew member is reflected in this 21 costume card set. Two of the banners used on the Promenade Deck were cut up and used on two of the cards.

Costume Variations

This set comes full of variants for the completionist to chase after. This list comes from Rittenhouse Archives.

  • C1 (Captain Sisko) Red, Black and Grey
  • C2 (Colonel Nerys) Rust and Brown
  • C3 (Chief Odo) Rust and Brown
  • C4 (Lt. Cdr Dax) Grey, Black and Teal
  • C5 (Lt. Cdr Worf) Black and Maroon
  • C6 (Chief O’Brien) Grey
  • C7 (Dr. Bashir) Black and Grey
  • C8 (Lt. Dax) Black, Grey and Teal
  • C13 (Lt Cdr Dax) Black and Grey
  • C15 (Lt Cdr Worf) Striped shirt and Olive
  • C16 (Odo) Striped shirt and Brown
  • C17 (Waitress) Pink/Orange/Gold, Pink, Orange
  • C18 (Waitress) Green/Yellow/Gold, Green, Yellow
  • C20 (Banner) Solid Orange, Solid Brown, Mixture
  • C21 (Banner) Solid Dark Green, Solid Light Green, Yellow, Light Blue, Mixture



  • P1 General Distribution
  • P2 Non-Sport Update Magazine
  • P3 Album Exclusive
  • SD07 San Diego Comic Con 2007
  • CP1 Convention Exclusive
  • DPT1 Diamond Action Figure Cards
  • The DPT1 card was created and given to Diamonds for a line of action figures they were planning on releasing. The idea was that the card set would offer a promo card regarding the Action Figure line (DST07) and the action figures would include a card advertizing the card set (DPT1), but the AF company acknowledges that they *lost* the promos and they weren’t used.

Misc. Items

  • The StarFleet Finest F10 was part of Rittenhouse’s Rewards program. Collectors who purchased/found an archive box and got matching Starfleet Finest cards are able to get the matching F10 from RA.
  • A sell sheet
  • Binder with an exclusive autograph card of Grand Negas Zek
  • 4 different case topper sketchcards hand drawn by David and Dan Day
  • 3-case incentive card of a Rick Berman Autograph card
  • 6-case incentive card of a Terry Farrell autograph/costume card
  • DST07 Action Figure promotional ad card
    Rittenhouse Rewards Card, F10 Jake SIsko, numbered to 399.
  • Archive boxes, both marked and unmarked, have all pack inserted cards, both case incentive cards. It does not have the box-topper sketches, promos, or costume card C22. The 9 Starfleet’s Finest cards have the same numbers.