TOS 35th Anniversary Card Set

TOS 35th Anniversary Card Set

Image3Release Date: December 1, 2002
6 Cards Per Pack
20 Packs Per Box
Production Run-10,000 Boxes

Card Images

Set Composition

Base Set-72 Morfex-9 1:5
Best of Bones-9  1:10 Federation Foes-6 1:20
Costume Cards-3  1:240  Sketchafex-17  1:100
Autograph Cards-34  1:7 Dual Autograph Card-1  1:480

Base Set

In tribute to the 35th Anniversary of the Original Series, Rittenhouse released a 72-card holofex set. Like the Women of Voyager, the common cards are printed on thick, very glossy card stock. The base set revolved around the main crew and other favorite characters from the series. Each of the main crew has one character card with one large image on the card, the rest of the cards have the montage style with several small images. It was sold out at RA prior to release.


  • The first level of chase cards are the 9 Morfex cards spotlighting “costume changes” in particular episodes.Cards are die-cut with a shiny red border.
  • A tribute to Dr. McCoy entitled “The Best of Bones”. These die-cut cards includes the now famous “I’m a Dr, not a…” quotes.
  • Set of 6 Federation Foes cards, each with a small film clip in a window in the middle of the card.
  • Paramount provided fabric from the rolls used in making costumes for Kirk, Spock and Uhura and this left-over material was turned into three costume cards. Each is limited to 500. According to Rittenhouse, “This material was to be used for the production of new costumes for the third season that was cut short. Some of the costumes were in the middle of production and had been cut into form and sewn together when the show was cancelled.”
  • Sketchcards were also a part of this set. These cards are individually hand drawn by various artists and include ships, characters and aliens. Unlike Women of Voyager, there is little, if any variations in this sketchcards. Some collectors reported some smudges on the fronts of the sketchcards related to the packing process. The cards were loaded upside down and the part of the machine that *holds* the card made a circular smudge. They estimate about 1% of the cards have this smudge. Rittenhouse replaced those cards for those collectors finding them.35 (for obvious reasons). autographs,…35 of them There are 3 autographs in each box. One of the cards is a dual-signature of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, which is limited to 500 and found about every other case. The other 34 are limited to 1,000 each.

Autograph Variations

  • Booker Bradshaw signed a small number of cards with both his name and Dr. ’Benga underneath. There is also a variation with the character’s name above the signature.
  • The A6 Lawrence Montaigne autograph card was originally printed with an error on the back with the character as Decius, rather than Stonn. The card was reprinted, but the actor kept some and signs that at conventions.


  • The Kirk P1 was released generally to dealers and collectors via mail and conventions.
  • The Spock P2 was released in the November issue of Card Trade.
  • The P3 was a binder exclusive.
  • The uncut sheet of Women of Voyager included the two promos from TOS 35th, Kirk and Spock, as they were printed at the same time. When the common cards were printed as printer’s proof cards, the promo cards were also printed in that same format. When the sheets were cut down the promo printer proofs were to be destroyed, but a few apparently made it into the stacks and may have gotten into the packs. So the fronts of the cards look like the TOS 35th P1 and P2 promos, but un-foiled. The backs have the Printer’s Proof layout.


Misc. Items


  • The A33 Hill autograph was a case topper.
  • Two different wrappers, one of Kirk and one of Spock.
  • 1,500 binders were produced with the official 35th Anniversary logo on the front and some pretty artwork on the back. A McCoy promo card and binder exclusive autograph (A34 Kate Woodville) were inserted inside.
  • Sell Sheet
  • 25 Progressive Proof Sets were available from Rittenhouse Archives.
  • A collector reports finding two black and white backed cards in his  boxes. Rittenhouse reports that 1 stray production sheet that had b&w backing that somehow slipped into the run unintentionally. They didn’t intend for this to be a part of the chase card sets.

Press Release

A Message from

Rittenhouse Archives (and are pleased to announce the acquisition of authentic costume materials from the vaults of Paramount Pictures to make costume cards of Captain Kirk, Spock and Lt. Uhura.

“Paramount just uncovered these materials, which have been sitting in the costume dept. on the studio lot for nearly 35 years,” said Steve Charendoff, President of Rittenhouse Archives. “The actual costumes worn by the actors were cut from the very same pieces of material that we have now found and been able to turn into costume cards for collectors to enjoy.”

The 3 costume cards of Kirk, Spock and Uhura feature the classic green, blue and red uniform materials in the original Star trek show. Approximately 500 of each card will be produced and inserted randomly into packs of the upcoming Star Trek: The Original Series, 35th Anniversary HoloFEX Trading Cards. At least 1 of the 3 costume cards will be available in each 12-box case of this all-new series.

A limited number of cases still remain (fewer than 50), and a sellout is expected shortly.

20 packs/box. 3 autograpahs per box.
Inserts: Moflex 1:5 (episode oriented rather then character oriented) 9-card
Best of Bones 1:10 9-card subset
Federation Foes: 1:20 6-card subset
Autographs 34 signle and 1 dual autograph (500 of these Shatner/Nimoy cards will be signed) . One will be a binder card and one will be a case topper.