Complete Voyager Card Set

Complete Voyager Card Set


comvoyRelease Date: June 26, 2002
8 Cards Per Pack
40 Packs Per Box
Production Run-10,000 Boxes

Card Images

Set Composition

Base Set-180 Holodeck-9 1:4
Formidable Foes-9  1:8 Gallery Cards-9 1:40
Costume Cards-2  1:480  Autograph Cards-25  1:20
Costume Cards-2  1:480 Sketchafex-15  1:165

Base Set

With Voyager having returned to the alpha quadrant and the series over, it was time to tie up their seven year run in one great big Voyager card extravaganza, released in 2002! This 180 base card set (and three checklist cards) covered every episode with at least one card. In an attempt to cover as much of the series as possible, and to provide quality images, several small images were used on the front. Some collectors enjoyed the montage or collage look and some did not. Rittenhouse commented on the use of smaller images in this set. “Just to clarify this issue (and because we did make both the Voyager and Nemesis sets), the decision about photography for these sets comes down to what is available to us. For Nemesis, we were extremely fortunate that Paramount had an enormous amount of quality photos for us to choose from and that covered the entirety of the movie (with very few exceptions). All of the images were crisp and could fill up the full frame of a card. With Voyager and with many of the other shows and episodes, the amount of material is not as vast or as high-quality. In most cases, the studio’s photo library does not include ANY images of the guest actors, and that leaves us in the lurch when trying to cover an episode fully. Having said all of that, we will try to reach a happy medium on this, so that this new DS9 set is more “Nemesis-like” than “Voyager-like”. Stay tuned.” (1/26/2002)
Rittenhouse reports that almost 1,500 images were used in the production of this card set. Each season started with a crew photo card from that season.


  • 9 Holodeck Adventures cards featuring scenes and characters from the crew’s many experiences in the holodeck and a gold foil stamping.
  • 9 card Formidable Foes cards came on reflective card stock, each with a different enemy race on the front and details on the back.
  • Gallery Cards, one for each of the main crew. Each card comes with a film clip highlighting the character embedded into the card. 
  • The autographs for this series can be broken down into three sections. The first was the 3 dual-autograph cards, each limited to 500. The second section was the guest star landscape autographs such as Tom Wright, Bruce McGill and Richard Herd. The third was the portrait style Captain Proton autographs featuring main cast members and guest stars as their Holodeck counterparts. Some of the autographs in this series are also limited to 500. (McNeil, Mulgrew, Wang, Picardo).
  • There are 15 sketchafex cards and one error sketchafex card for this series drawn by various artists.  The artist for the Admiral Paris card inadvertently used an image of Tom Paris when drawing the Admiral Paris card, this error was not caught prior to the packaging of the product. Charendoff reports that the sketches were returned “at the last possible moment before we had to pack up the product. The day the sketches arrived, both Rob and I were out of the office. It was probably the first time since we have been working together that both of us were not here. The cards came in and were processed by our manufacturing director, who (was) new and who did not realize the mistake. It was only after the cases were packed up did Rob and I catch the error. Had either of us been in the office the day the cards came in, they would not have gone out.” Since the sketch was not approved by Paramount, Rittenhouse made a good faith effort to recall the error card by producing and releasing the correct Admiral Paris card which could be acquired by returning the error card to Rittenhouse Archives. Czop, Schaffer, Bolton and Martinek did 160 sketches.  Raimondi did 210.
  • There are three costume cards for this set, 7 of 9, Torres and Chakotay. Chakotay was a binder exclusive.



Costume Variations


  • The Torres costume came from the episode Drive and features a gray and black variation. There is also a white version, though it seems quite rare.
  • The Chakotay costume came from the Caretaker Episode and has two main variations (related to the pattern) and several minor variations (related to the number of colors that appear in a swatch.
  • The 7 of 9 costume came from the episode Unimatrix Zero and though the shirt of the costume does reflect two colors, only one was used in the creation of this card.

Autograph Variations

  • Richard Herd signs on one line and two lines. Robert Picardo released some numbered /80 cards where he signed them and added the notation *The Doctor* in a few different colors (blue and gold)


  • A P1 promo card was given to dealers and collectors and found in NSU issue Volume 13, Issue 3,June/July 2002.

Misc. Items

  • Jeri Ryan case topper autograph card
  • A binder with an exclusive Chakotay costume card
  • Robert Picardo had signed cards of his Complete Voyager signature at his table at Dragon Con. The only thing different was xx/80 and adding the words “the doctor” in blue, black or gold on each card
  • Full color sell sheet with checklist