Women of Star Trek in Motion

Women of Star Trek in Motion


Release Date: March 29,2000
3 Cards Per Pack
32 Packs Per Box
8 Boxes per Case
Production Run-5,000 Boxes

Card Images

Set Composition

Base Set-32 Sound Cards-6 1:20
Silver Archive cards-16 2:20 Gold Archive Cards-4 2/case* (est)
Autograph Cards-5  1:20  Heroines-4  1:8
Villainesses-4  1:5

Base Set

The Women of Star Trek in Motion released March 29, 2000. The lenticular cards for this set are smaller, 4×6 and covers all four Trek series. There are 32 cards in the basic set. Each box contained 20 packs plus one Archive Collection bonus pack which contained 3 silver (or 2 silver and 1 gold) Archive Card.
The lenticulars, when stored in pages, cane stick to them and be difficult to remove.


  • There were 6 pack inserted sound, done up in a smaller billfold style that when opened sets off the sound byte. The sound card was a box topper. As with the previous set, the sound cards reused images from the common set and Heroines and Villainesses subset, making only 40 different images in the full set.

The batteries for these sound cards are not as easily accessible if they need replacing.

  • A 4-card Heroines lenticular set.
  • A 4-card Villainesses set.
  • The set also includes Archive Collection cards. These cards are 5×7 and were on regular card stock and were either silver or gold foil embossed. There were 16 silver foil cards, limited to 999 and 4 gold foil cards, limited to 500 each.
  • Five 5×7 autograph cards were created, including her first, Denise Crosby! The autograph card and three random Archive cards (whether gold or silver) were in a sealed pack found loose in the box.


Of the 18,000 silver and gold archive cards, Steve Charendoff hand numbered 17,000 of them, all but Lwaxana Troi.


  • The promo set for this series consists of 40 cards (32 from the common set and 8 from the Heroine and Villainesses set. The fronts are the same as the cards in the set. The backs were blank except for some copyright information and the words 1 of 300.

Misc. Items

  • Sound Card Case Topper
  • The binders were limited to 1500 and included most of the pages needed to store the cards and an exclusive sound card.
  • Sell Sheet
  • In September of 2000, Rittenhouse released a 5-card extension set to the Women in Trek card set. This set featured 5 gold archive cards, hand numbered to 999, all with images of 7 of 9. The set came shrink-wrapped. It sold out almost immediately from the company.
  • In November 2000, a second extension set was a UK-exclusive, offered by a company called Cards, Inc. It was also a 5-card silver archive set, limited to 999. There are two 7 of 9, two Janeway and one Torres card.
  • Also in November of 2000, Rittenhouse released 5 silver archive cards, hand numbered to 999, all with images of 7 of 9 and “the Rock” from the episode Tsunkatse, called the Voyager Tsunkatsee Archive Collection. It followed the same format as the other set sets. This isn’t technically, an expansion set. but is included here for easy reference.