DS9 Profiles Card Set

DS9 Profiles Card Set

Image1Release Date: 1997
8 Cards Per Pack
36 Packs Per Box
Production Run-800 Cases

Card Images

Set Composition

Base Set-82 Latinum Cards-9 1:12
Quark’s Quips-9  1:3 Autographs-3 1:216
Trials and Tribulations-9  1:9

Base Set

Released in 1997, this 82 card set was the beginning of changes in the format for ST cards. Rather than an episode format, they offered a Profiles format with in depth looks at the main characters, each with their own 9-card subset.


  • Quark’s Bar with Quips/Quotes made by Quark
  • Trials and Tribulations set with images of a DS9 character with a TOS character
  • Foil-embossed etching latinum insert set
  • 3 autograph cards featuring Armin Shimerman (Quark), Terry Farrell (Dax), and Rene Auberjonois (Odo). Quark is about 40% more rare then the other two.


Be careful when purchasing sealed boxes, often the cards are stuck together causing damage to the latinum cards.


  • None, this set was released during a period of time when a lot of the little *extras* were passed over in an effort to save money.

Misc. Items

  • Sell Sheet
  • There was NO binder for this set. The champion of binders, Ken Baroff, had left SkyBox at this time.
  • Boxes come in both 18(retail) and 36 (hobby) pack count boxes.

Press Release


Fleer/SkyBox Announces Star Trek: Deep Space Nine®™ Profiles Trading Cards

MT. LAUREL, NJ, APR. 3, 1997– Fleer/SkyBox announces the return of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine®™ to trading cards for the first time since 1994 under the all-new Profiles brand.

Paramount Television’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine debuted in January 1993 as the highest rated series premiere in syndication history and has remained the number one syndicated drama series, consistently rated higher than all other syndicated drama series. SkyBox released two successful card series based on the new series in 1993 and 1994.

Under the new Profiles brand, Fleer/SkyBox will be introducing the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine trading cards in June of 1997, under license from Viacom Consumer Products.

The series will include 81 regular cards that provide an intimate look at each of the show’s nine major characters. Each character will be featured in a nine-card subset, with digitally transferred images, in-depth informaiton, and creative design graphics. The card series will also include three levels of incredible bonus cards–enough to make a Ferengi sweat. Nine Quark’s Bar Cards will feature commentary from everyone’s favorite Ferengi and the action at this famed watering hole (1:3). In addition, nine Trials and Tribble-Ations Cards combine Deep Space Nine with the original Star Trek episodes (1:6). Finally, nine Latinum Profiles Cards commemorate the nine main characters in a fully embossed, foil-etched presentation (1:12).

As an added bonus, three special bonus cards have been created and signed by Armin Shimerman (Quark), Terry Farrell (Dax), and Rene Auberjonois (Odo) (1:216) for random insertion in packs of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Profiles trading cards.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Profiles Trading Cards will be available in 8-card packs with a suggested retail price of $ 1.49. Viacom Consumer Products merchandises properties on behalf of Paramount Pictures, Paramount Television and Simon & Schuster as well as third-party properties. Viacom Cosuumer Products, a unit of Viacom Entertainment Group, is a subsidiary of Viacom Inc.