First Contact Card Set

First Contact Card Set

fc1Release Date: Nov, 19, 1996
9 Cards Per Pack
36 Packs Per Box

Card Images

Set Composition

Base Set-60 Enterprise Cards-6 1:12
Character Cards-10  1:9 Techno-Cel 12 1:8
Behind the Scenes -10  1:6  S Fold Outs-3  1:36
Autograph Card-1  1:3600

Base Set

Following the style of earlier movie sets, the First Contact card set was a 60 card set in a widevision format. The common card set featured images and summaries from the movie and the box was a cube-shaped box, with instructions on how to turn it into a hanging mobile. This card set is one of the first Steve Charendoff had been involved in at least peripherally.


  • The Enterprise set, a chance to take a peek at different areas of the ship
  • The character set, which featured each of the main crew members in spectra foil.
  • The BTS subset allowed a fun peek at some behind the scene shots.
  • The Borg subset featured cels; see through background cards featuring the Borg.
  • A set of three foldout images of the three main ships….Borg Cube, Enterprise-E and the Phoenix.
  • A limited to 200 autographed card of Brent Spiner. This card caused quite a furor at the time, those that pulled it shrieked with joy, those who had to pay for it (when they found it) shrieked in pain at the cost. 200 cards were all that SkyBox could “afford” to contract with Brent Spiner. With cards left out for promotional purposes and damaged replacements, the actual number in packs is actually less than 200 and closer to 180.


  • This set did not have a promo card though some consider card #291 from the Phase Three set to be one. This card is really a promo for the movie, not the set, however and is readily available as a part of the common set. There was also an image of a promo card on sell sheets sent to dealers, but this card was designed only and never produced.
  • Collect Magazine made mention of a Phase III #291 promo card with a value of $100, but this is unverified and likely a false rumor. They reportedly shown the card by two different dealers, but were unable to provide a scan/image.

Misc. Items

  • Binder
  • Sell Sheet-image of promo card
  • A smaller box version, with 18 packs, was found at Blockbuster videos
  • Official Star Trek Fan Club Card