The Cinema Collection

Cinema Collection I-VI

cinemaRelease Date: 1994
72 card base set for each Movie
Production Run: 20,000 Sets

Card Images

In 1994, SkyBox had a direct to the public offer titled The Cinema Collection Movie set. It consisted of 6 boxed sets of widevision cards, one for each of the first 6 movies. SkyBox used original “Panavision” footage to create sharp, bright images to put together this Cinema Card Set. The set retailed for $120. In 1998, the price dropped drastically to about $60 and by 2003, all 6 sets can be found for about $25, though it often does not include all the bonus items.


  • None


  • Many card sets released from 1994-1996 included a cinema ad card that you could use to order the set. Interestingly, each of the ad cards came with their own unique code printed on one corner of the card that identifies what series the card came from. Some of the more obsessing Collectors add each one to their collections!

Misc. Items

  • If you ordered all six boxed Cinema Sets from SkyBox they also sent you six Behind The Scenes Cards dealing with the making of the Star Trek Generations movie and an Uncut Sheet of six Movie Poster Cards featuring images also from the box fronts. The 6-cards were shipped in a clear cello pack.
  • Once you received your set, you were given the opportunity to purchase a set of 6 binders and a slipcase. Cost for the binder set was about $125. Binders, as a necessary part of the set hadn’t yet caught on and many collectors passed on this offer due to its high cost. Finding these binders is a tough task these days, since according to SkyBox they were made to order, about 100 or so at a time, so there wasn’t a lot of extra stock to be liquidated.
  • Sell Sheets
  • Survey Card
  • A boxed set of 7 cinema sets (includes Generations) and a Generations skymotion appears to have also been released and given to some retailers, but how and in what quantity isn’t clear. The Generations box has a 1995 copyright date and has a rougher texture to the box.