Generations Card Set

Generations Card Set

genproRelease Date: Dec 7,1994
6 Cards Per Pack
36 Packs Per Box
10 Boxes Per Case

Card Images

Set Composition

Base Set-72 Spectra-3 1:36
Foil Card-3 SkyMotion 1:180

Base Set

Released in 1994, this widevision set consisted of 72 cards based on the feature film ST Generations. The movie is well represented in this set, with the backs offering a detailed movie summary. One bonus to the set was there were scenes in the movie that were cut, but remained in the card set (for example card #1).
Collector’s one complaint about movie sets is that they don’t offer a lot of special effects shots. Unfortunately, due to the long lead time a company needs to create a set and the fact that most special effects are the last thing to be done, this is one area many sets will always fall short on.


  • Insert sets included a set of 3 foil cards and 3 spectra cards. The foil cards show Soran and the Klingons, the spectra cards featured Kirk and Picard.
  • The Generations set contained the first Skymotion card. The SkyMotion cards were produced for SkyBox by Kodak and featured 3 seconds of a Trek scene. For Generations, the SkyMotion features a beautiful scene of the Enterprise-D blasting through the delta shield. Available in two sizes, the small was available to those who redeemed the exchange card in their packs. The large size was a mail-in offer found on the wrapper, along with the binder.


  • The promo card for this set, S1, is a scene from the Sailing Ship. All known versions are misspelled prototpye.
  • A version of the S1 promo card was also produced for New Zealand. The card is just like the US, but in place of the line in blue print “Beaming to stores this Thanksgiving” is the following line; “New Zealand Edition Collector Card (1 of 20,000)” with corrected spelling of the word prototype. Unknown distribution. This card is extremely difficult to find.
  • A 2013 Ebay auction had a NZ promo card shrinkwrapped with a booklet promoting the Generations movie.

Misc. Items

  • Binder- for a time this binder was slightly more difficult to acquire than some other binders, but has gotten better over time.
  • Sell Sheet
  • Dealer poster
  • Generations promo card #0. Given out to people who signed up for the MBNA credit card. The back text states the card is limited to 10,000. Although 10,000 is a large number, many went into the hands of non-collectors, leaving a much smaller number available in the secondary market.