Making of Star Trek:TNG

Making of Star Trek:TNG

mofst3d1bRelease Date: 1994
100 card base set
Production Run: 150,000 Boxes

Card Images

 In 1994, SkyBox released a set of 100 cards created from photographs they commissioned during the filming of the All Good Things episode. Photographers were permitted to film the activities going on while producing this final episode to create a fun and different sort of card set. Collectors ordered this set direct from SkyBox and it came boxed in three different editions, each with their own bonus item and retailed for $39.94, $49.95 and $69.95.
Each edition was limited to 50,000 and came with a certificate of authenticity,


  • The Collectors edition came with 6 3D cards called Skyvision discs and a small viewer and uses stereo vision technology.
  • The Gold Edition came with a solid brass pin.
  • The Platinum Edition was packaged with a thick Lucite 1701D Hologram. The Lucite hologram may have also been passed out at cards shows as promos.


    • None

Misc. Items

  • If you ordered all three of the sets you were sent an uncut sheet of the 100-card set and all three boxes had matching numbers.