TNG Behind the Scenes Card Set

Star Trek TNG Behind the Scenes Card Set


Release Date: 1993
39 card factory set
50,000 set Production Run

Card Images

SkyBox worked with Paramount to give collectors/fans a close up view of the people who made ST: TNG to create this behind the scenes card set. It dedicates cards to all the main crew people, describing their jobs on the set of a Trek series. It also provides a look at some of the techniques often used on the set (i.e. the blue screen shots). This 39 card set was packaged in a numbered, sealed plastic case.
Collectors interested in maintaining the value of their collectibles are left wondering if this set should be left in the sealed box or opened and in pages. This comes up often with tin sets and boxed sets and collectors should strive for a balance between value and enjoyment and a boxed set can not be viewed card by card. Also, collectors should take into consideration the storage methods of sealed sets and whether any long-term damage might result.


There were no inserts for this set


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