DS9 Premiere Boxed Set

DS9 Premiere Boxed Set


Release Date: 1993
150,000 Box Production Run

Card Images

Set Composition

Base Set-48 Spectra Cards-2  2:1

Base Set

The first DS9 trading cards appeared in the form of a boxed set released in 1993. This 50 card set was based on the series premiere Emissary. Each is numbered to 150,000.


Two spectra cards, S1 and S2.


There is a promo card in the box promoting the 100-card set due out later in 1993. There are two variations to this promo card. On the back of each is a bar in which the words “Beaming To Retail Fall 1993” appear. The color of this bar on one card is orange and gold on the other. The orange-backed card is in the boxed set and the gold-backed card distributed through some other means, possibly to dealers and magazines.

Misc. Items

  • A Certificate of Limited Edition
  • Survey Card
  • There is also an uncut 6-card sheet. All the 6 cards are the same, showing an all-silver version of the front of Spectra Card S1. The back of the 6-card sheet is blank and there are both numbered (xxx/1000) and unnumbered versions. Ken Baroff explains where this came from: “We got a shipment of spectra card sheets from the printer that had not gone through the color ink process. We thought they looked cool and decided to number them and give them away to dealers at a trade show we were going to later that week.”
  • At the 14th National Sports Collectors Convention held on July 22, Skybox also gave out five framed cards. The frame itself is gold in color measuring 8.5″x10.5″ with a glass front. One of the 5 framed cards was Star Trek DS9 Spectra Card S1. The sticker on the back of the frame says this promo frame was produced by Mort’s, Inc. of Raleigh, NC. There is also a brass strip measuring 3 3/4″x1/2″ on which the following words appear; SKYBOX INTERNATIONAL 14TH NATIONAL SPORTS COLLECTORS CONVENTION JULY 22, 1993