Deep Space Nine Card Set

Deep Space Nine Card Set

MalibuRelease Date: 1993
8 Cards Per Pack
36 Packs Per Box

Card Images

Set Composition

Base Set-100 Spectra-4 1:18
Redemption Card-1 1:180


Base Set

This was the first full pack card set (and the only season themed DS9 set) released for DS9. It covers season one of DS9 and includes an episode overview and a look at the crew and aliens. It had a technical and trivia subsets as well as an in-depth look at the DS9 station.


  • 4 spectra cards
  •  one spectra gold card

The odds of the SGG are reported as being 1:72, but please note that with the odds of finding a spectra card at 1:18, the odds of finding a SPECIFIC one is 1:72, making the gold spectra card no more rare.



  • DS9 logo card gold stamp
  • DS9 logo card orange stamp on back (the orange stamped card was found in the earlier boxed set.)
  • S2-Personal Phasers
  • Unnumbered Dax and Sisko promo card
  • Malibu Sisko promo card This card came packed with Malibu Comics Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #2, the September 1993 Issue.

Misc. Items

  • Redemption Card for the mail-in embossed set
  • Set of 10 Embossed cards in clear plastic pack
  • Binder