Monty Gum Card Set

Monty Gum Card Set

Release Date: 1982
100 card base set
6 Cards Per Pack
Monty Gum Card Production Information Unknown
Card Images


The Monty Gum Company in Holland produced a set of 100 small cards for ST II TWOK. This set has scenes from the movie with a pink border with blank backs. The numbers are in the front lower left without any captions or text.
Card lore has it that the owner of Monty Gum Co tended to reprint more cards whenever stock ran low and also tended to print sets that he didn’t always have the rights to print.
The backs of the cards come in a gray or white cardboard stock. It is possible the different color card stock represent different print runs. The copy has a high gloss white cardboard back with clean cut edges and the images appear a little washed out.The originals come two to a pack and were attached to each other. When separated there still remains some evidence of where they were connected on each of the individual cards. These differences may assist a collector in telling if his cards were from the earlier print runs.
Last 12 cards are blow-ups of portions of the scenes found in earlier cards from the set. Card #60 and 86 show the Enterprise upside down.


There were no inserts for this set


There were no promos for this set.

Misc. Items

There are two different wrappers, the two artworks being mirror images of each other.